4 Key Details Spotted On The Suit (And What They Tell Us About James Gunn’s Reboot)

Superman: Legacy is now just SUPERMAN, a bold title for a movie which will launch DC Studios’ new DCU. 

As well as announcing that, filmmaker James Gunn also shared a first look at the logo which will adorn the Man of Tomorrow’s chest in the upcoming reboot. It’s a design which has got fans talking, and only the trunks are likely to generate more discussion. 

We’re now taking an even closer look at this design to figure out what exactly it tells us about Gunn’s SUPERMAN reboot. This is one of the most recognisable logos on the planet, but the creative decisions made here undoubtedly offer an idea of what to expect when this 2025 movie rolls around. 

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4. The Significance Of The Yellow Outline


We’d expected Gunn to put his own spin on the Man of Steel’s suit, and he’s done so with a logo which bucks the trend when it comes to how Superman is typically portrayed on screen. 

The filmmaker has pulled inspiration from the hero’s first-ever appearance in the pages of Action Comics #1, giving the “S” logo a yellow outline. Superman & Lois fans will remember seeing Tyler Hoechlin wear a costume featuring a yellow line around it, but that “S” was surrounded by black. In comparison, Gunn is very much sticking to the source material with this design. 

By doing so, it feels like he’s making a statement and differentiating this Superman from past iterations who have had logos on their chest with a bold red outline. It’s a small change, but one which respects the comics and stands out. 

3. Kingdom Come


The fact Gunn has lifted the “S” logo pretty much straight out of Kingdom Come can’t be a coincidence. Now, it may be that it’s just a design he’s particularly fond of as a fan and it obviously differs from what we’ve seen fairly recently on screen (it was, however, front and centre in The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover). 

We’re clearly not getting any sort of direct Kingdom Come adaptation in the DCU because this is a new universe with younger superheroes. 

Despite that, we still think Gunn might be pulling a lot from the story penned by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. For example, if this world is comprised of young, inexperienced heroes, that could put them at odds with some of the old guard – the JSA, perhaps? – and even the world’s governments. 

2. A Homemade Suit?


A staple of the Superman suit worn by Henry Cavill was the fact it was quite clearly alien in heritage. Kal-El found it aboard a Kryptonian spaceship and it was covered in intricate alien symbols to emphasise his status as a refugee on Earth. 

This suit, in comparison, has stitching which looks a little more familiar to our planet. While Gunn could follow the comics by making it so that Superman’s cape comes from Krypton, we’re betting it was Ma Kent who created the hero’s costume.

Now, that doesn’t mean this thing will look homemade. In fact, its creation may not get more than a passing mention! However, this change feels like a step in the right direction, particularly if it brings this hero in line with his comic book counterpart.

1. About That Snow


We’re sure this will be obvious to some of you, but for those of you wondering what the significance of that snow is, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t mean Superman will play out over the holidays!

Gunn is currently with the cast in Norway shooting scenes we believe will take place in the Fortress of Solitude. The hero’s secluded Arctic retreat serves as his sanctuary and headquarters. Constructed of Kryptonian crystal, it houses artefacts, technology, and souvenirs from his past adventures.

Man of Steel’s effort was pretty underwhelming, so we’re optimistic this version will be a central part of Superman’s adventures…and that it’s guarded by Krypto the Superdog! Heck, this may even be where Supergirl comes into play…