5 Sony Marvel Characters Who Deserve A Second Chance In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Madame Web was released earlier this month to overwhelmingly negative reviews and, like Morbius before it, it’s now a box office flop. Outside of the animated Spider-Verse movies, it’s apparent Sony Pictures is clueless when it comes to these Marvel Comics adaptations. 

Venom was a crushing disappointment and its sequel didn’t hit the mark for many fans either. Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man trilogy, on the other hand, has received rave reviews and broken box office records.

We don’t know what the future holds in store for the SUMC beyond this year’s Venom 3 and Kraven the Hunter, but we’re hoping Sony will realise it needs some help. If some sort of deal could be reached to bring these characters into the MCU, then these are the ones we think deserve a second chance…ASAP!

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5. Carnage


It’s not exactly difficult, but Venom: Let There Be Carnage remains Sony’s best non-Spidey Marvel movie. The Andy Serkis-helmed sequel made some creative missteps but when Carnage was unleashed, it felt a lot like watching the comic books come to life. 

Cletus Kasady was held back by the sequel’s PG-13 rating and Woody Harrelson wasn’t quite as good as we thought; however, the advantage to this iteration of Carnage dying is that Marvel Studios could cast a new Cletus and start over with a “Maximum Carnage” adaptation or something along those lines. 

A PG-13 rating would still get in the way, but Tom Holland’s wall-crawler donning the black suit and finding himself battling Carnage has all the makings of a great movie. As you’ll soon see, we’ve decided to include Carnage here instead of Venom, primarily because he doesn’t have Eddie Brock’s baggage. 

4. Spider-Woman


Madame Web was a disaster and we’re guessing Sony will want to move on from its many failings as quickly as possible (a good start would be to never hire the Morbius writers ever again). However, we think it would be a real shame to permanently sideline Sydney Sweeney’s Spider-Woman. 

Sure, Sony could bring Julia Cornwall back down the line, but we’d be far more excited to see Sweeney team with Marvel Studios. If her social media activity is any indication, that’s what the actress believed she was doing when she boarded the project!

The Multiverse could come into play here, but with Sweeney roughly the same age as Holland, her Spider-Woman can show up for a Silk-like storyline where it’s revealed she was bitten by the same spider as Peter. Alternatively, just recast the Madame Web star as Black Cat or Jessica Drew…

3. Prowler


This is admittedly a bit of a weird one. Donald Glover made his debut as Aaron Davis in Spider-Man: Homecoming; that appeared to be it for him in the MCU, and it was Sony that enlisted the actor to suit up as Prowler for a live-action cameo in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse last year. 

Now, it’s down to Marvel Studios to bring the vigilante Davies into the MCU and, hopefully, introduce his nephew – Miles Morales – in the process. 

Prowler could quite easily make an appearance in Spider-Man 4 (especially with it set to be a street-level adventure), setting the stage for Peter to eventually meet Miles. Unfortunately, all of this may be dependent on whether Sony and Marvel Studios can reach an agreement to make Spider-Man 5 together!

2. Morbius


Yes, we know what you’re thinking…and no, we haven’t lost our minds! Morbius was a terrible, terrible movie and there’s no way we ever want to see Sony Pictures make good on the threat of a post-credits scene which teased the Living Vampire and Vulture forming some sort of team. 

However, Jared Leto was arguably the best part of an otherwise terrible movie and there’s more that can be done with Morbius with or without the Oscar winner. 

Common sense says that, in the MCU, he should be pitted against Blade. To be honest, we wouldn’t even loosely reference this movie and, instead, Marvel Studios can start over, pitting him against the Daywalker before he potentially joins the Mightnight Sons. Wishful thinking, admittedly, but it sure would be fun…

1. Kraven the Hunter


Is Kraven the Hunter going to be a good movie? If that first trailer (not to mention Sony’s track-record) is any indication, then probably not. We’re not going to fault the decision to cast Aaron Taylor-Johnson, though, and when the time is right, we’d love to see him get a second chance. 

A clash between Spidey and Kraven is long overdue, and if Marvel Studios heads down the black suit route a movie or two from now, then merging that storyline with “Kraven’s Last Hunt” could lead to the web-slinger’s best big screen outing to date. 

We’d start by ditching what’s sure to be a dumb origin story in this solo outing and get Taylor-Johnson to start brushing up on a Russian accent. From there, we think the stage would be set for a thrilling clash between two characters who should have crossed paths on screen years ago.