AHSOKA Showrunner Dave Filoni Teases Season 2 Plans And Addresses Baylan Skoll/Mortis Gods Backlash

Ahsoka wrapped up on an open-ended note, and while it’s certainly possible it could lead directly into Dave Filoni’s planned Heir to the Empire movie, a second season feels essential before that arrives in theaters. 

Talking to Entertainment Weekly (via SFFGazette.com), the filmmaker – who was recently named Lucasfilm’s new chief creative officer – played coy when asked about season 2 plans, but said he knew from the start where the story “should end up.”

“I’ve set up several threads that can continue, but if not, I feel like, well, at least I got Ezra home, and that was really important,” Filoni adds. “But there’s always a plan. I hope one day we’ll see it. It could be very cool, but it took a while to get [Ahsoka] done, so you never know.” Channelling his inner Yoda, he later said, “Always in motion is the future.”

One of the ways Filoni laid the groundwork for future stories was by showing Baylan Skoll travelling across Peridea to track down a mysterious source of power. When we last saw him, the former Jedi was looking at a beacon in the distance while standing atop massive statues of the Mortis Gods. 

Fans of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels appreciated the tease, but for everyone else, it didn’t mean a whole lot. In fact, most viewers were left disappointed that a pivotal villain got just a single scene in the finale for a scene which to them, at least, didn’t carry much meaning.

To that, Filoni responds, “People that have never seen Clone Wars will have no idea what that is. For me, that’s okay as long as you understand that those are monolithic figures, and it means something. That’s the power of that image. This person has found this massive-scale sculpture that’s unlikely anything we’ve seen on that planet up to that point. The question you’re supposed to ask is: What does that mean?”

“As a kid, I watched A New Hope and heard about the Clone Wars and the Jedi knights,” he continues. “I didn’t know what any of that was, but it didn’t take away from it for me. It just made me feel like there was a sense of history and depth to the storytelling. So, that’s what I was trying to do there.”

It’s a fair comparison, and we’re now going to have to wait and see how these dangling plot threads are addressed and what they’ll mean to the wider Star Wars franchise moving forward. 

With Filoni essentially in charge of everything, we’re bound to see a greater level of connectivity between projects and he’ll likely have the sort of sway to ensure something like Ahsoka season 2 does eventually become a reality. 

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