ANT-MAN 3 Star Jonathan Majors Is Being Sued For Defamation, Assault & Battery Following GMA Interview

Back in January, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star Jonathan Majors at down for his first interview since being found guilty of assault and harassment of ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. When the segment aired, there was concern that the actor’s decision could seriously backfire, which is exactly what seems to have happened.

During the interview, Majors maintained his innocence, and took zero responsibility for Jabbari’s injuries despite being found guilty of two misdemeanour counts of harassment and assault.

“That did not happen,” the former MCU star said to host Lindsey Davis when she asked if he was responsible. When she followed up by asking how he thought Jabbari sustained her injuries, he replied: “I wish to God I knew. That would give clarity, that would give me some type of peace about it.”

Now, THR is reporting that Jabbari is suing her ex for battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, malicious prosecution and defamation, which arises from Majors denying that he abused her leading up to and after his conviction.

The suit states that, by taking part in the interview, “Majors’s intention was not only to cause many people to believe Jabbari was a liar but also to cause those people to lash out, harass, intimidate, and bully Jabbari. Majors also intended his defamatory statements to adversely affect Jabbari’s career.”

Jabbari is also accusing Majors of incidents of physical abuse which were not outlined in the trial, and allegedly occurred back in 2022.

According to the suit, Majors “pushed Grace so hard that it bruised her backside,” “picked Grace up in the air and threw her against the hood of her car” and “brought Grace back into their house and held his hands around her neck, stating that he wanted to kill her, and that he was going to kill her. Majors then started hitting Grace’s head against the marble floor while strangling her until she felt she could no longer breathe.”

There’s a lot more to the suit, so click here if you want to have a read through.

Majors was fired as Kang the Conqueror almost immediately after his conviction was made public. The character is expected to be recast for the upcoming Avengers movies, but this has yet to be made official.

Majors was originally scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 6, but the hearing was delayed until April 8. The charges carry a potential sentence of up to one year in prison.