ARROW Stars Emily Bett Rickards And Stephen Amell Reunite In Trailer For Low-Budget Western CALAMITY JANE

Goldwyn Films has just dropped the first trailer for Calamity Jane, a new Western which is set to be released…a week from now. Yes, this is the first we’re hearing about the movie, a surprise when it reunites Arrow stars Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. 

That was clearly meant to be a big draw for the low-budget thriller and it appears to be where most of the budget went too. The rest of the cast is made up of Tim Rozon, Priscilla Faia, Gage Marsh, Garrett Black, Christian Sloan, Troy Mundle, and Spencer Borgeson. 

“After Wild Bill (Stephen Amell) is killed in a poker game,” reads a brief synopsis, “Calamity Jane (Emily Bett Rickards) must break out of prison and seek her revenge before the Deadwood’s Sheriff (Tim Rozon) can track them down and arrest them.”

In the trailer, it quickly becomes evident that this is a low-budget movie, though that doesn’t mean it won’t still be fun! Unfortunately, the performances we catch a glimpse of here leave a lot to be desired, with a lot of phoney accents and Rickards struggling to portray Jane as a scowling badass. 

Calamity Jane is directed by Terry Miles, who previously helmed The Red Rooster, A Night for Dying Tigers, Recoil, Dawn Rider, Even Lambs Have Teeth, and Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story. The screenplay, meanwhile, was written by Leon Langford and Collin Watts (Hot Seat).

For hardcore Arrowverse fans, seeing Amell and Rickards reunite will no doubt be a treat. Felicity Smoak was introduced as a one-off minor character in Arrow‘s third episode, though a positive response from viewers resulted in her becoming a permanent part of Team Arrow. 

The actress later shocked fans when she left the series after season 7; she did, however, make an appearance in the show’s final episode.

In a 2019 interview, fellow Arrow star David Ramsey appeared to shed new light on Rickard’s decision to leave when he said, “We go back and Emily’s not a part of it. That’s a big thing. Y’know, no one really wants to do that show. [But] Stephen [Amell] and I both had conversations with the producers, telling us exactly what they want to do with the next season and it really is…it’s exciting.”

Calamity Jane is set to be released in select U.S. theaters and VOD on February 2. Will you be checking this one out on the big or small screen?