AVENGERS: TWILIGHT #3 Features An Electrifying Return And Captain America vs. Iron Man

Avengers: Twilight #3 went on sale today and Marvel Comics’ own Kingdom Come continues to deliver shocks and surprises in equal measure. 

After the second issue revealed that the Red Skull is working with Ultron and posing as James Stark’s mentor, Kyle Jarvis, we see Captain America set out to retrieve Tony Stark’s head from The RAFT. His brainpower is being used to create the technology which allows the totalitarian U.S. Government to reign supreme. 

After getting some unexpected backup from the new Bullseye/Hawkeye, Steve Rogers is confronted by James before the son of Tony Stark and The Wasp is incapacitated. Cap gets his shield back but is overpowered by James in his new Iron Man suit.

Steve puts up a good fight but is overpowered by the villain; luckily, Ms. Marvel shows up to lend a helping (giant) hand and James throws his father’s head in the river.

Even with the Super Soldier Serum once again pumping through his veins, Cap is outmatched by the new Iron Man and takes a nasty beating. The billionaire isn’t half the man his father was and is perfectly happy maintaining the status quo so long as he can continue living his life of luxury; Steve, meanwhile, wants to give the world its freedom back, but little does he know his old enemy is the one shaping this dystopian future. 

With James just moments away from delivering a killing blow to Steve, the new Iron Man is hit with a blast of lightning. It turns out Ms. Marvel wasn’t the only one who responded to his call for help. Thor has returned and he seems keen to assemble The Avengers! 

“My goal with anything is to create a story that is both new reader friendly and also welcomes in older readers who will enjoy the references sprinkled throughout,” writer Chip Zdarsky said last year. “I think if you have a base knowledge of Marvel super heroes, there’s really something for you here.”

“And getting a chance to do something that’s self-contained in six issues with one consistent artist throughout is my favorite kind of project because those are types of books you can sell forever.”

Check out some pages from Avengers: Twilight #3 below.


Art & Cover by DANIEL ACUNA

Off the shores of New York City sits THE RAFT, a government facility full of secrets and danger! Can CAPTAIN AMERICA infiltrate it before the new IRON MAN gives him the same gruesome fate as TONY STARK?