BEETLEJUICE 2 Set Videos Feature Jenna Ortega As Astrid Deetz And Michael Keaton(?) As Betelgeuse

Tim Burton’s long-awaited Beetlejuice sequel is believed to have wrapped filming after the production was forced to go on hiatus due to the Hollywood strikes, and some set videos from the last few days of filming have now found their way online.

We got a glimpse of one returning star, Winona Ryder (Stranger Things), as Lydia Deetz in the initial batch of set photos earlier this year, and a first look at Michael Keaton as the titular Ghost with the Most leaked online last week.

That shot was quickly removed (you can probably still dig it up somewhere) after take-down notices from Warner Bros., but you’ll find a (very) quick glimpse of ol’ Betelgeuse in one of these new videos – though we’re not sure if it’s actually Keaton or a stunt double.

The vids also give us another look at Jenna Ortega as Lydia’s daughter, Astrid, as she rides her bicycle through town.

Plot details are still under wraps, but we’ve heard that Astrid will be estranged from her mother at the beginning of the movie, and is planning to get married, possibly to Justin Theroux’s character. 

Check out the videos at the links below.

Keaton spoke about returning as the manic Bio-Exorcist in a recent interview with Empire.

“Beetlejuice is the most f–kin’ fun you can have working. It’s so fun, it’s so great. And you know what it is? We’re doing it exactly like we did the first movie,” he says. “There’s a woman in the great waiting room for the afterlife literally with a fishing line – I want people to know this because I love it – tugging on the tail of a cat to make it move.”

“[Burton] and I were talking about it years and years ago, never telling anybody,” he continued. “I said, ‘if it happens, first of all, we’ve both said we’re doing it many times. We both agreed, if it happens, it has to be done as close to the way we made it the first time. Making stuff up, making stuff happen, improvising and riffing, but literally handmade stuff like people creating things with their hands and building something. F–kin’ great. It’s the most fun I’ve had working on a movie in I can’t tell you how long.”

Catherine O’Hara is also set to reprise her role as Lydia’s mother, Delia Deetz. New cast members include Monica Bellucci as Betelgeuse’s wife, and Willem Dafoe as an afterlife cop.

Wednesday creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar penned the script.

Beetlejuice 2 is set to release in theaters on Sept. 6, 2024.

Banner artwork via Alex Murillo.