BLACK ADAM Star Dwayne Johnson Reveals Whether He’s Still Considering Running For United States President

Black Adam may have failed to launch the BACU (Black Adam Cinematic Universe), but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson remains one of the busiest people working in Hollywood today. Like many A-Listers, the former pro wrestler has plenty of other business ventures, including Seven Bucks Productions, the XFL, and Teremana. 

Recently, Johnson revealed that several political parties have approached him about running for President of the United States (a suggestion which started as a joke online but later saw him receive a 46% approval rating in a 2021 poll). He wouldn’t be the first actor to end up in the White House, so it could one day happen.

Appearing on The Tonight Show (via, Johnson reflected on his high approval rating and revealed just how serious he is about potentially being a future U.S. President. 

“It’s crazy, and it’s wild. This run for President talk has kind of been in the ether for the past couple of years. And it just never stops being surreal. It was incredible. It came from DC. We sat down. The poll was something like almost 50% of Americans would support me running for President. It was just crazy. So, and by the way, thank you. But it’s like, dude, we’ve talked about this. Years ago, I was wrestling in flea markets for 40 bucks per match, hoping that, ‘Hey, I just want a free corn dog at the end of the night.’ And now here we are, years later, I’m sitting with you, and this talk has come up, and it’s real. And I’m so grateful. So if you are of the almost 50%, I thank you tequila on me, by the way, I appreciate it.”

“I think down the road for sure. I’ve said this before: I’m a proud girl, dad. I have a 22-year-old, I have a seven, and I have a five. So they’re all age ranges. And my 22-year-old, I like to say we grew up together, and at that time, I was wrestling full time, 230 dates, 200 wrestling matches a year. So, I was always gone. And I know what that’s like to have an occupation that takes me away from being a daddy. And this time around, with my seven and my five-year-old, I want to be a daddy. And that’s the most important thing to me. So be around, be there, be there. I want to be around.”

For the time being, this doesn’t sound like something Johnson is seriously considering. Like most Americans, he’d no doubt relish the chance to serve his country to help make it a better place, but there’s money to be made in Hollywood and to put that and his other interests aside wouldn’t be the smartest decision.

Still, if recent years have shown us anything, it’s that you never know what can happen! As for his role in DC Studios’ DCU, Johnson isn’t currently expected to return as Black Adam as James Gunn and Peter Safran look to (mostly) move on from that era of storytelling. 

During his appearance on The Tonight Show, Johnson also reflected on returning to WWE for an appearance on SmackDown this past September. You can find his comments on that by heading over to