BRAVE NEW WORLD’s Reshoots Something To Do With Sabra Controversy?

Marvel Studios recently reshuffled its release schedule, pushing all but one of its 2024 movies (Deadpool 3) into 2025, including Captain America: Brave New World (FKA Captain America: New World Order).

The delay was primarily due to the Hollywood strikes, but a follow-up report claimed that the latest Captain America adventure did not go over particularly well in test screenings. Apparently, three key sequences have been cut, and reshoots are planned from January until May/June of next year.

Though reshoots are the norm (especially for major studio tentpoles), this extensive additional photography has led to speculation that Marvel might be making some significant changes to the story, or more specifically, a certain character’s role.

The announcement that actress Shira Haas had been cast as Israeli superhero Sabra in the movie during D23 last year raised a few eyebrows, and the escalating conflict in Gaza has reignited some of the backlash associated with the character.

Sabra has always been viewed as somewhat controversial, and even her name has stirred up a lot of ill feeling, as it calls to mind the Sabra and Shatila massacre of 1982 which left hundreds of Muslim men, women and children dead. Marvel Comics did introduce Sabra before these events, however, and the name is a slang term for a native-born Israeli Jew. Even so, it understandably serves as a grim reminder of the killings for many.

So, is the studio altering Sabra’s origin or how she factors into the plot? Not according to insider CWGST.

There is also this.

The fourth Captain America movie started shooting on March 21 at Trilith Studios, Atlanta, before moving to Washington, DC. The strikes previously impacted several other Marvel Studios productions, but we thought Brave New World had managed to avoid any significant delays.

We’ve seen quite a few set photos do the rounds online, some of which featured members of the villainous group known as the Serpent Society. We also got a look at Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) suited-up in his new Cap costume, and Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez) sporting a fairly comic-accurate outfit as the MCU’s new Falcon.

Specific plot details are still under wraps, but we will hopefully begin to learn a little more about Sam Wilson’s first big-screen outing as the Sentinel of Liberty soon.