Daisy Ridley Says Rey Will Be A Very Different Teacher Compared To Luke Skywalker In STAR WARS: NEW JEDI ORDER

With so many Star Wars movies and TV shows failing to materialise in recent years (‘member Rogue Squadron?), fans remain hopeful that the big screen project revolving around Daisy Ridley’s Rey – first announced during last April’s Star Wars Celebration – will eventually become a reality. 

Essentially “Episode X” (or, at the very least, an epilogue to The Rise of Skywalker), the movie is set to take place 15 years after the events of the Skywalker Saga concluded. Rey, now a fully-fledged Jedi Master, will attempt to lead the Jedi into a new age, only for a mysterious dark force to rise in a bid to combat her. 

Ms. Marvel director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy remains attached to helm the project which, based on our last update, has been penned by Steven Knight. Originally, Damon Lindelof (Watchmen) was attached to write the screenplay and did so before parting ways with Lucasfilm over creative differences. 

Talking to Den of Geek (via SFFGazette.com), Ridley was asked if Rey’s approach to training the next generation of Jedi will differ from Luke Skywalker’s. To that, she simply replied, “I would say, from what I understand, yes. Short answer.”

The Mandalorian has shown Luke starting a training academy for Jedi, with The Last Jedi revealing that it all fell apart when he was tempted into killing Ben Solo before he could become Kylo Ren. With that in mind, Rey heading down a slightly different route honestly isn’t that surprising!

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And Reveals Whether Rey Has Children In Upcoming Episode X

“It’s very strange,” Ridley later told the site of her return to Star Wars. “I’ve gone off and done lots of different sorts of films. I feel like I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot I would hope as an actor. I think it will feel like baby steps again, like sort of starting at the beginning. But yes, I’m very excited!”

In a separate conversation with CBR, the actress was asked when she thinks we could see this Star Wars movie in theaters and revealed, “I don’t know when we’ll see her again, but, probably 2026. Hopefully.”

If that’s correct, it means this New Jedi Order project will hit the big screen the same year as The Mandalorian & Grogu!

Earlier this year, Ridley revealed what it was like to see the sequel trilogy receive such a mixed response from Star Wars fans. “Was I surprised? Uh, I think it’s still upsetting because you don’t want people to feel like you’ve not served the thing that they’re a fan of,” she admitted.

“Rian’s one was so divisive. It really felt like the first one…everyone was responsive in a similar way. And then Rian’s one was super divisive and the last one was super divisive. It didn’t change how I felt about it.”

With any luck, this next effort will do justice to Ridley and Rey. As always, though, stay tuned for updates as we have them.