DC Studios Boss James Gunn Responds To Rumors He’s Eyeing Elizabeth Debicki For DCU’s WONDER WOMAN

DC Studios has made its intentions known with Superman and Batman, leaving DCEU fans with no choice but to bid farewell to Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck (and Michael Keaton after his Batman Beyond movie was scrapped). 

When it comes to Wonder Woman, though, the iconic Amazon’s DCU future is a little less clear. 

All signs point to Gal Gadot being fired from the role and, for the first time in several months, the filmmaker and DC Studios co-CEO has commented on the character’s place in this new shared world. 

A fan shared a rumour with Gunn claiming that he’s eyeing The Crown and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 star Elizabeth Debicki as the DCU’s new Diana Prince. “This is coming from a site that’s just making up a bunch of stuff,” he confirmed before adding, “I love working with Elizabeth but I’ve never even had this thought.” 

She’s not necessarily who we’d imagine in the role either, but at 6’3″, she’s certainly got height on her side!

The Wonder Woman situation remains unclear and all signs currently seem to point to the character being rebooted for the DCU. Despite that, Gadot herself appears convinced her time as the hero hasn’t ended yet. 

In a series of interviews conducted for Netflix’s Heart of Stone, Gadot talked repeatedly about meeting with DC Studios’ co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, revealing that they’d assured her that she would return as the iconic DC Comics character in a new Wonder Woman movie. 

Despite the definitive nature of Gadot’s comments, they still raised eyebrows. When DC Studios announced its “Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters” slate, a Max series set on Themyscira was promised, but Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3…well, it was scrapped. Her vision for the threequel didn’t line up with wider plans for the new DCU, but the door was seemingly left open when it came to the actress returning. 

However, Variety, Deadline, and The Wrap all later shared comments from supposed insiders suggesting Gadot was mistaken about that promised return. Was she trying to force DC Studios’ hand or had she got the wrong end of the stick? We don’t know, but it became clear then that the actress is unlikely to reprise her role in the DCU.

It would be very odd, and confusing, for a new Superman and Batman to share the screen with the DCEU’s Wonder Woman…especially if Jason Momoa ends up playing Lobo! A full-blown reboot still seems like the best way to go for her franchise, though Gunn has remained largely silent until debunking this rumour. 

What are your hopes for Wonder Woman in the DCU?