DOCTOR WHO Star Karen Gillan Would Be Open To Playing DCU’s Poison Ivy And Exploring Romance With Harley Quinn

Karen Gillan earned a legion of fans with her standout work in Doctor Who as Amy Pond. However, she later stepped onto an even larger stage – literally if you count a memorable Hall H appearance that saw the Scottish actress reveal her bald head to fans – after joining the MCU as Nebula in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy

The daughter of Thanos was initially portrayed as a villain but had something of a change of heart and wasn’t quite so much of an antagonist by the time Vol. 2 rolled around. Eventually joining the team, she became a full-fledged Guardian in Avengers: Infinity War and a hero during the five years half the universe was Blipped. 

We don’t know what exactly the future holds in store for Nebula beyond last year’s Vol. 3, but Gillan already appears to be mulling over a leap to the new DCU. 

James Gunn is in charge of that as DC Studios co-CEO alongside James Gunn and, during an interview with Screen Rant, the actress expressed an interest in playing Poison Ivy. 

That would presumably happen in upcoming Batman reboot, The Brave and the Bold, but when Gillan was asked to elaborate on which version she’d like to play, the subject of Ivy’s romantic relationship with Harley Quinn came up. That’s something she seems keen to explore on screen. 

“Oooh. That’s a good question,” Gillan initially responded, adding: “[Poison Ivy] in a relationship with Harley Quinn sounds excellent.”

Gunn has strongly hinted that he plans to keep Margot Robbie as the DCU’s Harley. However, after Birds of Prey flopped at the box office, the character taking centre stage in her own movie again would be a risky move. Barbie, however, may be enough to sway the studio into moving forward with such a project. 

If it were to happen, then exploring Harley’s romantic feelings for Ivy would be welcomed by many, particularly after seeing how it’s been touched on in the animated Harley Quinn TV series. 

Marvel Studios will no doubt be keen to keep Gillan in the MCU, though, and she most recently reprised the role of Nebula for a Blade Runner-inspired episode of What If…? during the show’s second season.

“For Nebula, I’m enjoying seeing her take care of other people,” Gillan previously said of her hopes for the character beyond Vol. 3. “I think part of the healing process is eventually getting to the point where you can help other people heal. And so I’d like to see that in Nebula’s future.”

Who do you think she could play in DC Studios’ DCU?