Doctor Who returned on Saturday evening with “The Star Beast,” the first of three 60th-anniversary specials heading our way from showrunner Russell T Davies. 

In that, we picked up with The Fourteenth Doctor (who, for reasons which have yet to be revealed, looks exactly like the Tenth Doctor) as he reunited with his former companion Donna Noble through a bizarre series of circumstances revolving around the secretly sinister – and oddly adorable – Beep the Meep. 

Way back in 2008, Donna made a heroic sacrifice by absorbing regeneration energy which gave her the knowledge of a Time Lord, all in a bid to save the universe. To save her, The Doctor had no other choice than to erase her memories, with it made clear that Donna remembering him would lead to her death. 

After fate reunites them, we reach a point where the only way to stop Meep is for the Time Lord knowledge in Donna’s brain to be unlocked. To save her family, she agrees and armed with that, and her original memories, the old friends once again save the day. 

Sadly, after London is saved, she collapses to the floor and appears to die in The Doctor’s arms.  

Hold off on grabbing the hankies, though, because she’s very much alive! By giving birth to her daughter, Rose, that regeneration energy was shared between them. They both hold that Time Lord knowledge but choose to release it, ensuring they’ll both live (and that Donna gets to keep her lost memories). 

As the episode wraps up, Donna enters the TARDIS to go and visit her grandfather Wilf only to drop her coffee on the new-look console, throwing the time machine into chaos and sending her and The Doctor to parts unknown!

Also below (via are the show’s new opening titles, a look inside the latest iteration of the TARDIS, and a glimpse at what’s to come in the next special, “Wild Blue Yonder.”

What did you think about Doctor Who‘s return and Donna finally being saved?