ECHO Star Vincent D’Onofrio Explains The Kingpin’s Survival After The Villain Was Gunned Down In HAWKEYE

The Kingpin’s return in Hawkeye remains one of the Multiverse Saga’s biggest and best surprises. Many fans theorised it might happen, but we could have never guessed Wilson Fisk would square off with Kate Bishop and leave even Clint Barton in fear of New York’s “big guy.”

Unfortunately, the villain’s story appeared to reach a rather underwhelming end after he was gunned down by Maya Lopez. We wondered whether that meant his return was a one-off, but Fisk survived and is set to take centre stage in Echo, Daredevil: Born Again, and possibly even Spider-Man 4

Talking to TV Line, actor Vincent D’Onofrio discussed the Kingpin of Crime’s return and addressed the fact he’s back from dead with only an eyepatch to show for the bullet he took to the head. 

“If you’re a fan of Kingpin and Daredevil – the old comics – you know that Kingpin never dies,” he tells the site. “We just had to figure out a clever way of [moving] on from that shot towards the face and how we bring it into Echo, and we came up with a really cool thing. He does get hurt pretty bad.”

We’re sure Fisk will have found a way to heal himself before running for New York City Mayor and it will be in Daredevil: Born Again where that story plays out. 

In a separate conversation with Collider, D’Onofrio talked about the show’s overhaul and expressed his excitement to get back to work on the project. “We’re having a really good time right now,” the actor said. “We’re getting back up. We’re gonna start soon, hopefully sooner than later, and Charlie [Cox] and I feel like the right vibe is there.”

“I think all the powers out there that control this whole creative world of the MCU, also believe that we’re in the right place right now,” D’Onofrio added. “I have to say, it’s luck, really. I mean, my favorite series so far have been Moon Knight and Loki, and we’ve got those guys as directors, and so that’s pretty lucky. And we’ve got Dario [Scardapane], who’s an incredible writer who wrote The Punisher. We’re in a very happy place right now.”

That’s good to hear, particularly as it seemed Daredevil: Born Again was in serious trouble for a time. 

While Echo is Maya’s story, it’s clear the series will bridge the gap between Fisk’s appearances in Hawkeye and the Daredevil follow-up. As D’Onofrio explains, we’re going to learn how he survived that bullet and, even if his near-death experience isn’t mentioned in Born Again, his return in Echo should make the show essential viewing for fans. 

All five episodes of that series will premiere on Disney+ tomorrow evening.