Everything You Need For A Suitably Spooky October 31

Halloween is fast approaching and, while we know many of you will have candy on your minds, October 31 is also a great time for gift-giving. Heck, perhaps you’re even in the mood to treat yourself (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that). 

Recently, we’ve been fortunate enough to get our hands on some fun new products from a vast array of companies, and have selected our favourites for all of your Halloween shopping needs. Just don’t go giving any of them away to trick-or-treaters!

From must-have video games to epic 4K Blu-ray box sets and magical collectables, there really is something for everyone here regardless of your budget. 

And yes, each of these items is suitably spooky…

Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition (PlayStation 5)


The incredible power of the symbiote forces Peter and Miles to face the ultimate test of strength, both inside and outside the mask, as they balance their lives, friendships and their duty to protect those in need.

Why We Like It: What’s not to like? Quite easily one of the greatest video games ever made, Spider-Man 2 is a dream come true for any fan of this character. With an expanded map, new characters, and everything you loved about the previous instalments along with some amazing new additions, this is an absolute must-have.

As for the Collector’s Edition, who doesn’t want to wrap their hands around 19 inches of Venom? Seriously, that statue is badass.

Where To Buy: PlayStation Direct

Paramount Scares Vol. 1


Fans can plumb the depths of the horror genre with this collectable box set featuring five unforgettable movies, all in eye-popping 4K Ultra HD, along with over four hours of legacy special features and exclusive collectable items. Housed in deluxe packaging, each of the following films is presented in a special sleeve with artwork exclusive to the collection:

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
Pet Sematary (1989)
Smile (2022)
Crawl (2019)
Mystery Title – Delivering even more suspense and surprise, the fifth film in the box set is a secret. The fan-favourite movie makes its 4K Ultra HD debut with the release of this collection.

Why We Like It: For horror fans, this gorgeous new set will quite easily be the centrepiece of even the most impressive collections. From exclusive SteelBooks to a copy of Fangoria Magazine, everything about this feels premium and it’s all presented in an eye-catching box set. 

As for the “Mystery Title,” we know what it is, and can assure you it’s both unexpected and a worthy addition to this limited edition. Bring on Vol. 2

Where To Buy: Target

The Noble Collection’s Dark Wizard Wand Set


This painted resin Dark Mark display houses five of our Dark Wizards’ wands; Lord Voldemort, Death Eater Skull, Death Eater Swirl, Death Eater Snake and Death Eater Thorn.

Why We Like It: Max may be in the process of rebooting Harry Potter, but those movies are sure to remain beloved classics. The Noble Collection produces a huge array of props based on the franchise, but for any Lord Voldemort fan, there’s no beating this. 

A fittingly frightening selection of Dark Wizard wands presented on a sinister wall-mounted stand, we love how it celebrates the Wizarding World’s shadowy side. 

Where To Buy: The Noble Collection

Funko Halloween


Mickey Mouse Funko Pop, Donald Duck Funko Pop, Nightmare Before Christmas Bitty Pops

Why We Like It: Well, for starters, they’re ridiculously cute. Looking beyond that, though, for anyone not seeking the intensity of battling Venom or watching some terrifying horror movies this Halloween, these are a terrific compromise which prove Disney and Funko very much know how to celebrate this time of year in style.

The Nightmare Before Christmas may be a classic holiday movie, but the newly launched Bitty Pops are also a terrific celebration of all things Halloween Town.

Where To Buy: Funko

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Slaughterhouse Game


One person plays as the deranged Sawyer family, dragging victims to their farmhouse and harvesting their meat for a grizzly barbecue. The other players are the unwitting trespassers, doing everything they can to escape a hideous fate. But in this game, there are no winners—there are only survivors. Will you make it out alive, or end up on the menu?

Why We Like It: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remains an undisputed classic and the fact Funko has figured out a way to incorporate the franchise into a survival horror strategy game…well, it’s nothing short of genius. And, most importantly, this game is a tonne of fun. 

This may not be for the faint of heart, but Funko has been knocking it out of the park with board games lately and this is another win for the company. 

Where To Buy: Funko