Excitement Builds for Sci-Fi Icon Revival!

Sydney Sweeney has confirmed that the remake of Barbarella is still in progress. During an interview with Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Sweeney was asked if the remake, which was announced in 2022, is still happening to which she emphatically replied “It is”.

Sweeney also shared her thoughts on what drew her to the project. Sweeney went on to say Barbarella is a fun character to explore who embraces her femininity and sexuality… which she finds interesting. She also expressed her desire to work on a sci-fi project and is excited to see how things will unfold.

When asked if there was any truth to the rumors that Edgar Wright, the director of Baby Driver, could be in talks to helm the movie, Sweeney didn’t answer the question directly. However, she did acknowledge that she had become acquainted with him.

In October 2022, Deadline reported that Sweeney would be executive producing and starring as the titular character in the new Barbarella movie for Sony Pictures. However, there has been little news about the project since then.

Read further for some background on the original 1968 Movie starring Jane Fonda. 

Barbarella is a science fiction film from 1968, based on a French comic book series by Jean-Claude Forest and directed by Roger Vadim. Jane Fonda stars in the lead role as Barbarella with other notable actors of today including John Phillip Law, Anita Pallenberg, Milo O’Shea, Marcel Marceau, and David Hemmings.

The story, set in the 41st century, follows Barbarella, a space traveler who is assigned by the President of Earth to find and retrieve the scientist Durand Durand. Dr. Durand has created a powerful weapon known as the Positronic Ray. On her journey, Barbarella encounters various exotic planets and strange beings, including the angelic Pygar, the evil Black Queen, and the rebellious children of the Great Tyrant.

Barbarella is famous for its avant-garde and psychedelic visuals, which were highly influenced by the counterculture movements of the 1960s. The film’s sets, costumes, and special effects contribute to its surreal and otherworldly atmosphere, creating a unique and visually stunning cinematic experience.

Jane Fonda’s portrayal of Barbarella helped solidify her status as a sex symbol of the era. Her iconic outfits and provocative scenes became emblematic of the film’s blend of eroticism and science fiction. The character of Barbarella challenged traditional gender roles, presenting a strong and independent female protagonist who navigates her way through a male-dominated universe with wit and charm.

While Barbarella received mixed reviews upon its release, it has since gained a cult following and is now regarded as a cult classic of 1960s cinema. Its blend of campy humor, imaginative storytelling, and groundbreaking visuals continues draw people in. The movie is a significant contribution to the science fiction genre and a timeless piece of cinematic history.