FAST & FURIOUS Star Vin Diesel Shares First Social Post Since Sexual Battery Allegations To Hype Up Final Film

The final Fast & Furious movie is, well, fast approaching and despite rumblings Vin Diesel might be forced to part ways with the franchise, that won’t be happening. 

Last December, we learned that Diesel’s former assistant was suing the actor after an alleged sexual battery which took place in 2010. Asta Jonasson claims she was working for him during production on Fast Five, and alleged that he brought the woman to his hotel suite and forced her onto his bed.

The suit says she asked Diesel to stop but, when she moved to a nearby door, the actor groped her breasts and kissed her chest. It goes on to explain that he supposedly tried to pull down Jonasson’s underwear, prompting her to scream and run for the bathroom.

She also states that Diesel, who played Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers franchises, then forced her against the wall, made her touch his erect penis, and proceeded to start masturbating. Shortly after the alleged incident, Jonasson was fired by Diesel’s sister. 

The Dominic Toretto actor’s lawyer quickly shared a statement through his attorney, Bryan Freedman, categorically denying the allegations (and describing them as “outlandish”).

We’ve heard nothing from Diesel since, but he’s finally broken his social media silence to hype up the “grand finale” of the long-running racing series. As noted, there were concerns the lawsuit could have an impact on his role in the final Fast & Furious movie; clearly, that isn’t the case and Universal Pictures has no concerns. 

There’s a great deal of excitement surrounding the movie, particularly as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is expected to reprise his role as Luke Hobbs after putting his differences with Diesel aside (a spin-off is also planned). It’s unclear how, if at all, his recent WWE return will impact the part he plays in this story. 

The final Fast & Furious movie is heading to theaters on April 4, 2025, and you can read Diesel’s statement hyping up this “celebration” of all things Fast below (via

Just finished our end of the week Fast meeting with the writers and the whole team… to say the excitement for our finale was incredibly powerful is an understatement. Wow. So exciting…

While everyone was heading into the weekend amped and excited, I thought of you all… reminded of the countless moments when your enthusiasm and passion became the driving force behind our creative journey. Your commitment to our saga has had a unique impact on its success and evolution… as my youngest daughter would say, it’s profound.

Thank you for being the backbone of this global saga that because of you, transcends the screen.

This grand finale is not just an ending; it’s a celebration of the incredible family we’ve built together.

Hope to make you proud!