I AM NUMBER FOUR Is Being Rebooted By WEDNESDAY Writers Alfred Gough And Miles Millar (Exclusive)

I Am Number Four was released in 2010 as a young adult novel by Pittacus Lore, the pseudonym of James Frey and Jobie Hughes. A big screen adaptation followed in 2011, but despite underperforming critically, a $149.9 million box office haul was deemed respectable (albeit disappointing) seeing as it cost a reported $50 million to produce.

The movie has its fair share of fans and, while plans for a sequel were scrapped, there are plenty of people hoping the franchise could be rebooted with a new cast (similar to what’s happened with Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series). 

We recently caught up with Frey to discuss his work on DreamWorks Animation’s Fright Krewe season 2. While we had the prolific writer on the line, we asked him what’s happening with the I Am Number Four franchise.

“Neal Moritz is producing a version of it that was written by the original writers, [Alfred Gough] and [Miles Millar], who just made Wednesday,” Frey confirmed (via SFFGazette.com). “So, we are in process on it and I can’t say whether it will actually ever get made or not, but I have great people I’m working with who are trying to make it happen, for sure.”

It’s clearly still very early days, but this news is bound to excite fans of I Am Number Four. We wouldn’t bet on original stars Alex Pettyfer or Teresa Palmer returning for whatever form this follow-up takes, though, especially as it’s been nearly 15 years since the 2011 movie was released. 

However, considering the fact the original novel spawned the popular Lorien Legacies series, there’s major franchise potential here which we’re sure would be of great interest to any number of streamers or movie studios.

Smallville showrunners Gough and Millar penned I Am Number Four in 2011, while Moritz is perhaps best known for his producing work on franchises like Fast & Furious and Sonic the Hedgehog.

I Am Number Four follows John Smith, a teenage alien with superpowers, hiding on Earth from a hostile alien race that destroyed his home planet.

As he tries to blend in, John discovers his true identity and must confront his enemies while protecting his loved ones. With the help of his guardian, he then learns to harness his powers and embrace his destiny.

As the threat of Belial looms large, the Fright Krewe and their newfound supernatural allies, the rougarous and vampires come together for an unprecedented battle to save the world. But with Belial resurrecting every demonic entity known to evil kind will the superpowers gifted to the teens by the loas prove stronger than the diabolical forces unleashed.


Created by Eli Roth and James Frey, and starring Sydney Mikayla as Soleil,  Tim Johnson Jr. as Maybe, Grace Lu as Missy, Chester Rushing as Stanley, Terrence Little Gardenhigh as Pat, and Jacques Colimon as Belial, DreamWorks Animation’s Fright Krewe season 2 is now streaming on Hulu and Peacock.