It Sounds Like Vanessa Kirby Is A Lock For Sue Storm As Marvel Studios Finalizes Cast

Marvel Studios still hasn’t announced Fantastic Four‘s leads and it’s hard to remember when else there has been this much excitement to see who will be cast in a superhero movie (Batman and Spider-Man may be the only other characters to have generated as much online buzz in recent years). 

It’s taking a lot longer than we expected and, based on recent reports, cameras may now roll later on the reboot than we’d anticipated. We’re unsure if that means a release date delay but Kevin Feige getting heavily involved seems likely as they simply can’t afford to get a movie as important as this wrong.

After all, Fantastic Four has the potential to be the next Avengers franchise and if it ends up performing like Eternals…well, what a disaster that would be. 

Well-known Hollywood insider deuxmoi has shared an update, claiming Marvel Studios has now pretty much finalised its Fantastic Four cast. Vanessa Kirby is now said to be a lock for the role of the Invisible Woman, joining Pedro Pascal’s Mister Fantastic in the MCU reboot. 

There’s still no word on The Thing and the Human Torch, though it was widely reported earlier this week that the roles have indeed gone to Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Paul Mescal.

It’s also worth noting that scooper Daniel Richtman has backed up previous reports about Furiosa star Anya Taylor-Joy being offered a villainous role in Fantastic Four. We still don’t know who she’ll play, but last year, rumours swirled that it might be a gender-swapped Silver Surfer or Galactus Herald Frankie Raye/Nova. 

We can’t escape the feeling that a casting announcement is imminent and, if the cast has indeed been locked in, then it might be a matter of days away. Stay tuned.

The Fantastic Four, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, debuted in 1961. The team is comprised of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Susan Storm (Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), and Ben Grimm (The Thing). They gained superpowers during a space mission, becoming Marvel’s first family of superheroes.

Reed is the brilliant stretchy strategist, Sue has invisibility and force field powers, Johnny controls fire, and while Ben possesses super strength, he’s also covered by rock. The team confronts cosmic threats, explores alternate dimensions, and battles iconic foes like Doctor Doom. Their groundbreaking stories revolutionized superhero comics, emphasizing family dynamics and sci-fi adventures.

Director Matt Shakman has worked with both Avatar: The Way of Water co-writer Josh Friedman and WandaVision‘s Cam Squires on the latest draft of Fantastic Four‘s screenplay. The movie is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on May 2, 2025.