James Gunn Debunks A Huge Casting Rumor And Addresses DC Studios’ Involvement With Sequel

The Batman II was recently pushed back by a whole year, raising more questions about how the “Elseworlds” movie will fit into DC Studios’ wider plans for the DCU. 

While James Gunn has said out-of-continuity projects will continue to be made, it’s still strange to think that The Batman sequel is going to compete with The Brave and the Bold, a Batman and Robin-led project featuring a totally different Dark Knight. 

We do expect Matt Reeves to make his sequel, though, and it was recently rumoured that Logan star Boyd Holbrook had boarded the movie as Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face. 

Taking to Threads, Gunn wasted no time dismissing the rumour as “Fake.” 

Asked by a fan whether publicists leak this information to build hype and convince a studio to cast their client, the DC Studios co-CEO responded, “No, I don’t think this has anything to do with Boyd and his people. Sometimes it’s an honest mistake by websites who’ve gotten false info (although they’re jumping the gun journalistically) [and] other times it’s just made up for clicks. I don’t know which one this is.”

The site in question doubled down by claiming Gunn has no power over The Batman II. To that, he said, “Bullshit. All new DC films are under DC Studios.” Here’s hoping this doesn’t lead to creative differences given Reeves’ very specific vision for the character. 

Elsewhere in his recent posts, the SUPERMAN director shed new light on DC Studios’ process of developing new projects. 

“We won’t green light a film until we have a finished script we’re happy with and, in general, we won’t cast a film until the script is finished,” Gunn explained. “This is why some projects are moving faster than anticipated and others more slowly. It’s always gonna be quality first no matter what.”

He’d later confirm that they have scripts for more than just SUPERMAN and Peacemaker season 2, but responded with “Nope” when someone asked if those were just Creature Commandos and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

“I have had so many wonderful collaborators to work with, and when you find someone who you love working with, you just wanna [say,] “Come on, please, let’s just keep working together. How much farther can we push it?'” Reeves said of his plans for The Batman 2 last summer. 

“Whatever that story’s going to be, it’s going to be to take these characters and put them in some kind of emotional jeopardy,” he teased. “There’s a deep-dive that already happened at the beginning and now I’m gonna have to deep-dive again.”

The Batman II is scheduled to arrive in theaters on October 2, 2026.