JUSTICE LEAGUE Concept Art Reveals That Green Lantern Hal Jordan Was Once Considered For The Movie

While Zack Snyder hoped to include John Stewart in the Snyder Cut of Justice League, it appears the character wasn’t originally going to appear until one of the filmmaker’s planned sequels (if at all). 

Concept artist Jerad S. Marantz has taken to Instagram to reveal that he worked on Hal Jordan with costume designer Michael Wilkinson, suggesting there were at least tentative plans to include Green Lantern in the 2017 movie.

You may remember that there were once rumblings of a post-credits scene debut featuring Hal crashing to Earth to warn the League about Darkseid’s planned invasion of Earth. 

“I had an incredible time working on Justice League,” Marantz says. “It was such a long time ago, but still remains as one of the most artistically fulfilling jobs of my career. It was a great team of artists working in both the US and UK.”

“Working with costume designer Michael Wilkinson was wonderful. He’s definitely one of the best in the business. Here are some early concepts for the Green Lantern suit. It was such an honor to take on one of my favorite branches of the DC Universe.”

Snyder has previously revealed that he at least considered the idea of enlisting Ryan Reynolds to reprise his role as Hal from 2011’s Green Lantern. 

“Well, the truth is I didn’t really get… [Ryan Reynolds and I] never really talked,” the filmmaker admitted. “So, my idea was there was going to be, if possible, there was going to be a Green Lantern in the movie. We started to kick around this idea, like, maybe if we brought Ryan in there could be two Green Lanterns in the movie.”

“We could suggest a little more of the [Green Lantern] Corps kind of concept. So that’s the reality,” Snyder continued. “It was a fun game to play with Ryan because he’s up for it. I just think he’s a great sport and he’s been nothing but…I like that he supported the [Snyder Cut] cause for a long time.”

Warner Bros. wouldn’t let Snyder include John Stewart in the Max cut of Justice League, prompting him to replace the hero with Martian Manhunter. The director leaned into popular fan theories and speculation for many of the new scenes he added, so we’ll likely never know what he originally had planned for Hal and John.

Check out this newly revealed concept art in the Instagram gallery below.