KICK-ASS 2 Director Jeff Wadlow Pitched CAPTAIN AMERICA Film To Marvel Studios Starring Will Smith Or The Rock

Kick-Ass 2 struggled to live up to the high bar set by its predecessor and filmmaker Jeff Wadlow’s career suffered, as a result. He was attached to many high-profile projects before its release – including X-Force and Masters of the Universe – only for none of them to come to fruition. 

However, long before boarding the Kick-Ass franchise, Wadlow pitched a Captain America movie to Marvel Studios! 

He dropped that bombshell during a recent interview with Alex Zane, sharing his hope to make another superhero movie and revealing just how different his take on Steve Rogers would have been. 

“Absolutely. I would kill – kill – to make a big superhero movie,” Wadlow says in the video below. “I’ve gotten very close on a few. After Iron Man came out in 2008, I called up my manager and was like, ‘You’ve got to get me in at Marvel. I don’t know what they’re doing next, but that movie was such a game-changer, I want to go in and pitch.'”

“I thought, at the time, they’d never in a million years do a Captain America movie. I came up with a Captain America pitch…needless to say, I think my pitch was too far afield from their intentions.”

“Part of my thesis was that Captain America shouldn’t be a blonde white guy. That’s an Aryan idea,” he added. “‘Captain America should look like Will Smith or like this wrestler named The Rock.’ Ultimately, they had different plans, but 100% I would kill to make a big superhero movie.”

We’re sure that would have generated a lot of discussion back in the late 2000s, though Wadlow wasn’t too far off the mark as the MCU finally has a Black Captain America in the form of Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson (who will take centre stage in next year’s Captain America: Brave New World).

Marvel Studios considered many actors for the role of Steve Rogers, with Chris Evans ultimately agreeing to sign up to play the Star Spangled superhero. The casting was met with a little scepticism at the time, only for fans to quickly embrace his earnest, formidable take on Cap. 

The actor seemingly bid farewell to the hero with Avengers: Endgame, though Marvel Studios still hasn’t revealed what became of him. There have been hints he might have died of old age, but either way, we expect him to be part of the Multiverse Saga in some way, shape, or form before it’s all over.