LEGACY Actress María Gabriela de Faría Reveals How She Celebrated Landing The Role

According to her Instagram, it’s hard to say who’s more excited about the fact that María Gabriela de Faría (Yo soy Franky, The Moodys) will be portraying Angela Spica aka The Engineer in Superman: Legacy.

The Venezuelan actress shared a lovely post on Instagram that revealed how she celebrated landing the role with her representatives and family. Click the arrows on the right side to view each moment described in the post. The timestamp on one of the photos also reveals that she found out about landing the role back in October, well before the news leaked.

De Faría will be playing The Engineer in the film, a character that’s reportedly going to serve as the project’s villain (or one of its villains). That’s interesting as the character is a member of The Authority, a collection of anti-heroes who complete their missions by any means necessary.

Originally debuting in The Authority Vol. 1 #1 in 1999, The Engineer was created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch and interestingly enough, no other members of The Authority have been cast…yet.

In July, Gunn went to Threads to suggest that the rumors concerning The Authority’s appearance were untrue. “I never said The Authority would be present,” were Gunn’s exact words.

Does this mean that only The Engineer will appear in the film and not the rest of the Authority’s members?

Faría is joining the James Gunn-directed (and written) film which already includes David Corenswet as Kal-El/Clark Kent, Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner/Green Lantern, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific, and Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho.

Will the other heroes also appear in adversarial roles? Are they appearing in the film to stop Superman from doing something that goes against federal government instruction?

The film is rumored to have a plot that centers around a conflict in the Middle East. Perhaps Superman sets out to intervene against the government’s wishes, which prompts the President or the Department of Defense to send out a group of heroes to stop Superman?

Hopefully, as more casting announcements are made in the coming weeks, we’ll begin to develop a clearer indication of the movie’s overarching plot.

Currently set for release on July 11, 2025, Superman: Legacy is the first film in Gunn’s reboot the DCEU.  Filming is expected to begin this January.