LOKI Merchandise Seemingly Reveals The Hero’s New Moniker In The Marvel Multiverse

In Loki‘s season 2 finale, the God of Mischief decides that giving those on the Sacred Timeline free will – even if it ends with their demise in Kang’s Multiversal War – is a better option than taking He Who Remains’ place and leaving them stuck in that endless loop. 

After destroying the Time Loom, Loki dons a new costume and uses the abilities Kang gave him to reignite the dying branches and create a new, infinite Multiverse. 

Now, he sits atop his throne at the Citadel, watching over his friends from afar. All signs point to the Multiverse eventually dying, both as a result of the aforementioned war and the incursions which are taking place for reasons which still aren’t clear. On the plus side, Loki will then be freed, presumably setting him up as a major player in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and/or Avengers: Secret Wars

Funko has today revealed a Pop figure which depicts Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief in his new role. However, what’s interesting about this is the fact Loki has been given the moniker of “God Loki.”

This suggests Loki is not the God of Mischief or even the God of Stories; he is simply “God.” 

We can’t help but think Loki will be the one who takes on Doctor Doom’s role in Secret Wars, using his powers to create a “Battleworld” reality made up of countless worlds that serves as a home for those who somehow survived the destruction Kang unleashes.

In the comics, as the God of Stories, Loki gained the ability to perceive, manipulate, and even rewrite narratives and stories. This meant he could influence the world around him, shaping his and every other story being told. 

He became so powerful that even stopping Ragnarok was possible. and as well as rewriting his own future, he even bent the omnipotent beings who created Asgard’s Gods to his will. 

We don’t anticipate Loki breaking bad, but if he does create a new world, then it’s entirely possible he’d choose to rule over it. Still, we’d guess it will be in a heroic way as a leader rather than a dictator (after all, to make him a villain would be a major step backwards for the character after what we’ve seen in Loki).

How do you feel about Loki’s newfound role as the Multiverse’s God? Do you think it was the perfect end to his story or should Tom Hiddleston definitely return down the line?