LOKI Star Jonathan Majors Faces Another Setback As DA Declines To Prosecute His Ex-Girlfriend

It’s been less than 24 hours since a New York judge rejected Loki star Jonathan Majors’ request to have the domestic violence case files against him thrown out. Now, the actor is facing yet another setback after the Manhattan District Attorney confirmed (via Deadline) that his accuser won’t be prosecuted. 

While Grace Jabbari was arrested on charges of assault and criminal mischief, the decision has been made to not move forward with any sort of cast against her. 

Majors filed a domestic violence counter-complaint against his ex-girlfriend in June and, had she been prosecuted, it would have obviously been a big win for the actor (if she were prosecuted for assaulting him, it would be easier for Majors’ lawyers to make the case that he’s the victim). 

“The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has officially declined to prosecute the case against Grace Jabbari because it lacks prosecutorial merit,” a spokesperson for DA Alvin Bragg said today. “The matter is now closed and sealed.”

Jabbari’s attorney, Ross Kramer, says, “We are disappointed that Ms. Jabbari had to face an arrest that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office already determined was unwarranted. The DA’s Office carefully reviewed all the facts of the case and concluded that Ms. Jabbari was the victim, and not the perpetrator.”

“Before we walked into the police precinct, the DA’s Office made clear that they would not be charging Ms. Jabbari with any offense,” he added. “It is unfortunate and re-traumatizing when a survivor of intimate partner violence is forced to endure an arrest, but Ms. Jabbari is an extremely strong and resilient person who is determined to move forward.”

Majors’ lawyer has yet to chime in but this doesn’t bode particularly well for the Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania star. 

The trial will begin on November 29 and Majors potentially faces a year in prison if he’s found guilty on these misdemeanour charges. It’s previously been reported that NYPD officers who attended the scene of this altercation discovered a number of marks, a laceration, and a finger fracture after Majors’ alleged assault on Jabbari. He was subsequently arrested and charged with strangulation, assault, and harassment.

Marvel Studios has largely dodged questions about Majors’ MCU future and remain pretty much the only studio still in business with him. It appears they’re waiting to see how the trial goes because, if he is found innocent, then why can’t he continue playing Kang? 

Of course, some will argue that the damage has been done based on the accusations alone but it will be down to Disney to decide how they proceed in the weeks ahead.