Marvel Comics Releases Action-Packed New Trailer For Upcoming Avengers vs. Vampires Crossover

Who will bite it? This May, Blood Hunt will take hold of the Marvel Universe in a new event series from Jed MacKay, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia, as well as a bloodbath of tie-in issues, spin-off limited series, and one-shots. 

As eternal night descends, an overwhelming army of bloodsucking terrors will emerge from the shadows, united by a single vision for the first time in millennia. Can even the heroes of this doomed world stem the tide of blood that is to come? We’ll join The Avengers, Blade, Bloodline, Spider-Man, Hunter’s Moon, Tigra, Doctor Strange, Clea, and more as the “dance of death” begins.

Today, you can take a new look at the horror that breaks out during Earth’s final night in an all-new Blood Hunt trailer. Featuring never-before-seen artwork, the trailer spotlights the Avengers’ opening battle against the blood-sucking hordes as well as some of the thrilling upcoming tie-ins.

Marvel Comics has also announced that, when the vampire’s reign begins, we can look the part by visiting participating comic shops and picking up special vampire teeth. Those will be available in stores on the same date as Blood Hunt #1, May 1, while supplies last. And that’s not all: each pair of teeth will come packaged with an exclusive Blood Hunt trading card. 

“I think vampires are a very fun part of the Marvel Universe,” MacKay shared. “You can enjoy them on a surface level as adding a little spookiness to a book, or you can get as deep as you like into the long-running Marvel history of vampires, which is as elaborate as any other part of it…and the fact that Dracula is there is a source of endless delight!”

“Blood Hunt is just the latest chapter in the long-running vampire mythos of Marvel vampires – and they’re stepping out of the darkness in a big way.”

Talking about the scale of the series, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski adds, “Much like Civil War and Secret Invasion, Blood Hunt is a story that has been naturally building across Marvel’s comics over the last few years (and some even older stories), and it all comes to a head this May as Jed connects all the dots.”

“As the series unfolds, readers will be able to uncover clues and go back and put the pieces together to see just how high the stakes are for our beloved characters. Pun intended.”

Check out the new Blood Hunt #1 trailer below.

Written by JED MACKAY
Art and Cover by PEPE LARRAZ
On Sale 5/1