MCU Rumor Roundup: Updates On ETERNALS 2, Henry Cavill’s Role, And More

It’s a big night for Marvel Cinematic Universe-related rumors, with several different scoopers (some with better track records than others) sharing updates on various upcoming projects.

We’ll start with the generally reliable Daniel Richtman, who is claiming that the “quality over quantity” approach Marvel Studios adopted after the underperformance of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and The Marvels has led to the planned Eternals sequel being shelved for the time being.

The studio is said to be putting all focus on “guaranteed hits,” which means we more than likely won’t see a fourth Ant-Man movie or a direct follow-up to The Marvels (no surprise there).

Now onto Venom: The Last Dance, and while the theequel will indeed be the final solo outing for Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, Richtman has heard that Feige is open to having the Lethal Protector in the MCU proper for a potential face-off with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

As for the upcoming Blade reboot, Can We Get Some Toast is reporting that the movie is currently being retooled by writer Michael Green (Logan), and will no longer be a period piece. Filming is expected to take place in the UK.

My Time To Shine Hello, meanwhile, believes Barbie and The Fall Guy star Ryan Gosling has officially accepted a role in the MCU. If accurate, we’re not sure which character he’ll be playing, but there is still speculation that it could either be Nova or Doctor Doom.

The Fantastic Four‘s script has been compared to Little Women by Grace Randolph. She didn’t elaborate, but we assume it’s because both movies follow characters over two different time periods.

Recent rumors have claimed that former Man of Steel Henry Cavill has joined the MCU in an undisclosed role, and Giant Freakin’ Robot believe they know which character he’ll play.

Possible spoilers.

According to the site, Cavill will play a Multiverse Variant of Logan in Deadpool and Wolverine. We don’t have much more to go on, but the Mission: Impossible – Fallout actor will reportedly be wearing “a long brown coat when he shows up.”

How much stock should we put in this? The site has definitely had a few scoops that have panned out in the past, but just as many have proved to be nonsense, so it’s difficult to know. If Cavill did sign on with Marvel Studios, we find it hard to believe that it’d be for a one-and-done cameo, so perhaps there are plans to bring the actor back as a different character down the line?

Be sure to let us know what you make of these rumors in the comments section.