New Details Emerge About Andrew Garfield’s Future; Sony Won’t Let Marvel Studios Use Black Cat

It sounds like there are indeed plans in place for Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man moving forward, but what about Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen? And why exactly can’t Marvel Studios make use of Black Cat?

Spider-Man 4 is somewhere on the horizon, and while we don’t have anything too specific about Marvel Studios’ plans for Tom Holland’s web-slinger, new details have emerged about the iconic hero’s big screen future. 

For starters, it’s now apparent that Spider-Man: No Way Home won’t be the last time we see Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. However, he isn’t going to be taking Tom Holland’s place as the MCU’s main Spidey (instead, we’re guessing he’ll be part of one or both of the next Avengers movies). 

Those of you hoping to see Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 will be disappointed because it seems Sony Pictures has put its foot down and decided to do its own thing with Felicia Hardy. 

She was going to be Silver & Black‘s lead alongside Silver Sable once upon a time but the project was scrapped and both characters were supposedly given their own solo projects. Unfortunately, we’re guessing Black Cat is fated to be part of Venom and Morbius’ world instead of Spdier-Man’s.

Finally, it’s said there are live-action plans for both Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen; whether those will play out in the MCU or Sony’s Spider-Verse remains to be seen, though we’re hoping it’s the former for obvious reasons.

If nothing else, at least we’re (hopefully) getting another Spider-Man trilogy from Marvel Studios. Plus, if they throw Garfield and Tobey Maguire into the mix of The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, then that’s another win.

And here are a few more bonus “scoops” for you, including news on Young Avengers, plans for the Scarlet Witch, and when and where we’ll next see Moon Knight. As with everything else here, you’re best off taking these with a pinch of salt!

This, however, might be the biggest spoiler of the bunch…