NOVA Project Confirmed To Be In Early Development At Marvel Studios; Updates On WONDER MAN & IROHHEART

A few recent rumors aside, we haven’t had an official update on Marvel Studios’ plans for Nova since the trades reported that a project focusing on the space-faring hero was in the works back in 2022.

Now, we have confirmation that a Nova series(?) is in early development.

“We love Nova. We are in really early development on Nova,” Marvel’s head of streaming, animation, and television Brad Winderbaum tells have a new system behind-the-scenes at Marvel Studios. We’re more like a traditional studio now. We’re developing more than we actually will produce. There are plans to develop Nova. I love Nova, too. I love Rich Rider, too. I hope it gets to the screen. The world is always chaos. There’s always things. You gotta conjure these things to make them happen but I would love to see a Nova show, one day.”

Last we heard, the plan was for Richard Rider (unless they decide to go with Sam Alexander) to make his MCU debut on the big screen, but based on what Winderbaum says here, it sounds like the Nova project will be a Disney+ series – or possibly a Special Presentation.

The Nova Corps were introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy, which led to speculation that Rider would eventually find his way into the GOTG franchise. James Gunn showed little interest in the character, but the Nova series – if that is indeed what it turns out to be – will most likely spin-out from Thanos decimating most of the Corps in the build-up to Avengers: Infinity War.

As for who might end up playing the character, there are persistent rumors that Nova is one of the roles Ryan Gosling was speaking to Marvel Studios about.

The Barbie actor hasn’t really seemed too excited about the prospect of playing a superhero or joining the MCU in previous interviews, although he did mention Ghost Rider as one character he might be interested in taking a crack at (could the Spirit of Vengeance be another possibility?) on a couple of occasions. He also appeared to be a little more open to the idea while doing press for The Russo Bros.’ The Gray Man last year.

“I think they felt my Kenergy,” he said about working with the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame directors. “They must have felt it before I did. I hope they can manifest this MCU thing. I think that would be cool.”

Moon Knight scribe Sabir Pirzada was said to be penning the script, but there’s a chance a new creative team will be attached by the time the project actually enters production.

In a separate interview with Agents of Fandom, Winderbaum confirmed that both Ironheart and Wonder Man are still on the way despite recent cancellation rumors.

“Yeah, absolutely. We’re editing both of those shows as we speak. They’re spectacular, they’re amazing, and they’re different…We’re able to explore corners of the universe that are really exciting. Riri Williams is one of them, and I cannot wait for people to meet Simon Williams.”