QUANTUMANIA Star Katy O’Brian Says Shooting MCU Movie Was “Absolutely Chaotic”

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania was meant to launch Marvel Studios’ Phase 5 in style. Instead, the threequel was a critical and commercial disappointment that undermined Kang the Conqueror and failed to deliver what fans hoped to see from the Quantum Realm. 

That CG reality, largely shot on The Volume, introduced a whole host of wacky characters, including The Mandalorian star Katy O’Brian as Jentorra. 

She didn’t really get to make much of an impact as the warrior and, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, admitted that shooting Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania wasn’t exactly an easy experience. 

Yeah, that was absolutely chaotic,” she told the site with a laugh. “I think we were getting new pages until the last day, and I think I was getting new fights the last day. I just show up, and they’re like, here’s a new fight.”

Marvel Studios reshot the threequel’s ending weeks before it arrived in theaters and that proved to be a misstep on their part. Fans have been critical of how Kang’s story concluded and the fact Scott Lang’s actions essentially doomed the Multiverse; previously, the idea had been for Scott and Hope Van Dyne to remain trapped in the Quantum Realm after Kang and M.O.D.O.K. made their escape. 

With that in mind, it’s not surprising to hear constant changes were being made during production. 

Still, despite a rough ride making the thing, O’Brian was quick to say those she worked with couldn’t have been more “lovely,” adding: “I thought me being this kind of like newbie, they might, I don’t know, either ignore me or I would just feel out of place, but they just always made it as welcoming as possible. I was surprised by that environment.”

In contrast, her Star Wars experience went a lot smoother. “It’s funny; I had thought that Star Wars sets would be chaotic because I know obviously it’s a huge fan base, and they all have opinions and things, and I had heard rumors as well that the sets were crazy and stuff was just changing all the time,” the Love Lies Bleeding star says of playing Elia Kane.

“But I don’t know if it’s because of streaming or if [series creator] Jon Favreau just got it on lockdown or what the deal is, but Mandalorian was pretty seamless. It doesn’t feel chaotic. It feels effortless. I know it’s not, but it feels effortless. Everybody just works together really well, and I think they do their best to keep it like a family.”

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and The Mandalorian are both streaming now on Disney+.