ROGUE, Mixing Whiskey/Fantasy, And FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S Success (Exclusive)

Fandom-centric spirits company Find Familiar Spirits is raising a glass to celebrate the upcoming release of Quest’s End: Rogue, the second release in its series of limited-edition, super-premium whiskeys made by and for fans of fantasy and gaming.

It went on sale on February 29 and, like its predecessor (Quest’s End: Paladin), the whiskey will be accompanied by a new chapter of the original fantasy saga Dawn of the Unbound Gods, written by renowned Dungeon Master Kate Welch with original illustrations from celebrated fantasy artist Tyler Jacobson. 

You can learn more about this release, and get your hands on Quest’s End, by visiting the company’s website. 

Last week, we spoke with co-founder Matthew Lillard (Scream, Scooby-Doo) about Rogue, delving into what fans can expect from this latest drop, the brand’s expansion with schemes like the “High Rollers Guild” and “British Invasion,” everything whiskey lovers need to know about this latest blend, and much more.

“Yeah, look, everything is possible,” the actor told us when we asked about whether Quest’s End could be adapted into a board game or even a film or television project. “We’ve definitely talked about the end of the sixteen bottles about releasing the book or a boxed edition to play through. That’s definitely possible. Rogue is our second drop.”

“We had Paladin and Paladin +1 and we sold out in the first two weeks. We spun it over to Paladin +1 because we had 25,000 people on the waiting list. The success of those was great, but we’ve got to sustain it over 16 drops so we have a lot of work to do. Our hope is that we continuously give the fans what we want and we continue inspiring them to come back.”

“In success, God knows where it goes, but right now Rogue went on sale [February 27] and it hits the general population on [February 29] as the first 48 hours are only for our email list,” Lillard added. “We go wide then worldwide and, hopefully, if someone sees this, they’ll look us up, pick up a bottle, and join us on the adventure.”

Check our full interview with the actor, where he also discusses the surprise success of Five Nights at Freddy’s, in the player below.

0:09 – What it was like to see the response to the twice-sold-out Quest’s End: Paladin drop
1:07 – What he can tease about the next chapter of Dawn of the Unbound Gods
3:23 – How fans can benefit from Quest’s End‘s High Rollers Guild scheme
5:51 – The brand’s international expansion with a British Invasion
7:36 – What whiskey lovers need to know about Rogue and how it differs from Paladin
9:41 – His thoughts on possibly returning to the Scream franchise
11:12 – The success of Five Nights at Freddy’s
12:43 – A future Scooby-Doo project
14:15 – Whether Quest’s End could be adapted into other forms
16:00 – What it meant to see the finished product and the support from fans