Sony Developing DOCTOR OCTOPUS And MYSTERIO Movies; Possible Casting Details Revealed

Sony Pictures making a Venom movie was understandable (even if the character would have benefitted from crossing paths with Spider-Man first) and even Morbius is a character who could stand on his own two feet as a bona fide Living Vampire. 

Unfortunately, Both movies largely disappointed fans, and no one seems to really have high hopes for Madame Web or Kraven the Hunter. Still, Sony is determined to move forward with projects revolving around heroes and villains who are part of the wall-crawler’s world, and a new rumour suggests that Doctor Octopus and Mysterio are up next. 

These claims come our was from The Streamr’s Caiden Reed. He believes that individual solo projects are in development for Otto Octavius and Quentin Beck, with both villains set to be recast. 

We don’t know who will take over from Spider-Man: Far From Home star Jake Gyllenhaal, though Hannibal‘s Hugh Dancy is said to be on Sony’s radar for Doc Ock. 

There are no additional details beyond that, though we’d imagine a Mysterio project would follow him as a stuntman and VFX artist before he uses his newfound illusion abilities to become a supervillain (or, more likely in this “Spider-Verse,” an anti-hero). 

As for Doctor Octopus, he’ll presumably take centre stage in an origin story which reveals how he got his arms…and probably became an anti-hero too. 

Neither feel like stories that need to be told or something fans will want to watch. Common sense says they’ll fall under that Sinister Six umbrella as Sony looks to assemble a team of Spidey’s greatest foes to become a group of heroes who fight an even greater threat. The groundwork for that was laid in Morbius when The Vulture suggested the blood-sucker join him in doing some good. 

In the comics, Doctor Octopus is a brilliant scientist who was originally an atomic researcher before a lab accident granted him a psychic bond with the powerful mechanical tentacles fused to his body. Driven by megalomania and a desire for scientific recognition, he’s proven to be one of Spidey’s greatest foes.

Mysterio, meanwhile, is a skilled special effects artist and master illusionist. The villain employs his expertise in illusions and technology to create convincing holograms and manipulate perceptions and, with a penchant for theatrics, he uses his skills to commit crimes and confound his web-slinging nemesis. 

Would you buy a ticket for movies revolving around these Spider-Man villains? Let us know your thoughts on this rumour in the comments section.