SPIDER-MAN ’98? Here’s What We Could See In A Possible Revival Of SPIDER-MAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES

Whether you grew up watching Spider-Man: The Animated Series between 1994 and 1998 or have since tracked it down (it’s available to stream on Disney+), we’re sure you’ll have at least a passing familiarity with the beloved show.

If so, you’ll probably remember that it ended on a huge cliffhanger when Spider-Man defeated the Green Goblin and Mary Jane ended up being trapped in limbo. We never got to learn what became of MJ, meaning this was yet another series focused on the web-slinger with an unresolved ending. 

A sixth season didn’t happen after executive producer Avi Arad and the head of Fox Kids, Margaret Loesch, reportedly got into an argument that ended with the series being cancelled.

Over the years, producer John Semper Jr. has been enthusiastic about reviving the series if Marvel comes calling and with X-Men ’97 just days away, we’re revisiting our season 6 breakdown to see what might have been…and what could still be in “Spider-Man ’98.”

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6. Spider-Man Finds Mary Jane


While there was a certain level of satisfaction that could be taken from the final episode of Spider-Man, Mary Jane’s fate being left a mystery has bugged fans ever since.

The series wouldn’t have kept us waiting, though, because the plan was for season 6 to kick off with Madame Web taking the wall-crawler to 19th-century London. There, he’d have found MJ – albeit without her memories – ultimately succeeding in bringing her home. 

However, this trip through time wouldn’t have been without its challenges as Peter was set to learn that Carnage was also there, and the real Jack the Ripper!

This would have been a solid resolution to that cliffhanger, but there were plenty of other crazy ideas set to follow previous seasons adapting everything from Secret Wars to The Clone Saga

5. More Dormammu


Dormammu became a recurring threat in Spider-Man and surprisingly even played a key role in the creation of Carnage. It probably won’t shock you to learn that he was set to return in the sixth season, this time teaming up with Mysterio.

That villain was going to be revealed as being alive and in possession of the Time Dilation Accelerator. 

Initially using it to rob banks, Quentin Beck would have inadvertently found himself in Dormammu’s dimension. From there, he’d have teamed up with his powerful new ally, taking Baron Mordo’s place by setting out to bring the Doctor Strange villain into Spider-Man’s world. 

Ghost Rider was set to make a guest appearance to help Spidey defeat the sinister duo. 

4. Betty Brant’s Debut


The series made good use of Peter Parker’s supporting cast, but if there was one character conspicuous by her absence in The Daily Bugle, it was Betty Brant. 

Well, she was coming to Spider-Man, this time as Joe “Robbie” Robertson’s assistant rather than J. Jonah Jameson’s secretary. Just like her comic book counterpart, she was going to have a crush on Peter, though it’s unclear what sort of impact – if any – that was going to have on his relationship with Mary Jane. 

Interestingly, this Betty’s surname would have been spelt “Brandt,” though it’s possible that was just a mistake on the concept art that’s since done the rounds.

There’s no word on who would have voiced Betty in the series. 

3. New And Returning Villains


If there’s one thing Spider-Man always did right, it’s pitting the web-slinger against a varied set of villains. 

More new additions were set to be made to the series in its sixth season, including Beetle, Puma, and Jack O’Lantern. Seeing that trio in action would have been a blast; sure, they’re not exactly among Spidey’s most iconic villains, but the show could have had a lot of fun with this deeper dive into the hero’s rogues’ gallery.

Most exciting, however, were tentative plans for Sandman to appear. 

Some familiar faces were also set to return, with Miles Warren finally suiting up as the Jackal and Richard Fisk back as the Rose (in a storyline that was also set to involve him framing Ned Leeds).

2. Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends


We always got to see a lot of amazing Easter Eggs in Spider-Man, but one big plan for season six would have featured a throwback to Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

In an episode guest-starring Iceman and Firestar (likely voiced by original actors Frank Welker and Kathy Garver), Spidey was going to team up with them to beat an unknown villain.

However, once that team-up had concluded, they’d have all looked at each other and said something along the lines of, “Hey, maybe we should all hang out together and be friends. Wouldn’t that be amazing?” After a brief pause, they were set to add “Nah” before going their separate ways! 

This would have been one for longtime fans, and it’s a real shame this never became a reality. 

1. The Green Goblin Lives


While it took a while before he was introduced, the Green Goblin definitely became Spider-Man’s greatest enemy in this show, though it looked like his story might have been over after Norman Osborn ended up trapped in limbo.

Just like Mary Jane, however, he was set to escape from that purgatory and would have taken the mantle of Green Goblin back from his son, Harry. 

We don’t know how things would have played out for him beyond that, but this rematch would have been a must given everything he’d put Peter through. There were lots of comics featuring Norman from around this time that could have inspired what we’d seen in the series too. 

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of “green,” rumour has it The Hulk was set to appear!