Sterling K. Brown Is Still Keeping His GREEN LANTERN Aspirations Alive, Would Play John Stewart For His Kids

With Guy Gardner set to appear in Superman: Legacy and Hal Jordan and John Stewart headlining the DCU’s upcoming Lanterns TV series, optimism is high at the moment, if you’re a big fan of DC Comics’ Green Lantern Corps.

Recently, Sterling K. Brown let it be known that he still wants to play Stewart, after first voicing his desire to play the character back in 2017.

Speaking to Rotten Tomatoes to promote his upcoming role in American Fiction, Brown confirmed that he’s keeping an eye on how things progress with James Gunn’s reboot of a new DC Comics cinematic universe.

I watched that Justice League cartoon religiously in like high school, college right after, etc. It was dope. Seeing John Stewart, knowing that there was a black Green Lantern was something like in terms of representation, was like ‘Oh Man! There’s a space for me in this world and I see it.’ And when I looked [at the cartoon], I would think, ‘I kind of look like this dude.’

“If it could happen, that would be legitimately exciting. That would be one of those giddy-inducing moments in life because my kids would get it, without me having to explain it to them.”

The Green Lantern portion of the interview starts at the 16:00 mark in the video below.

Not much is known about the Lanterns TV series other than what James Gunn stated during the unveiling of the Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate.

In that video, Gunn called the show a big, premiere HBO series, stating, “This is the story of a couple of Green Lanterns, John Stewart and Hal Jordan, and we have a few other Lanterns peppered in there, but this is really a terrestrial-based TV show, which is almost like True Detective but with a couple of Green Lanterns who are space cops, watching over Precint Earth. They discover a terrifying mystery that ties into our larger story of the DCU.

Also, with Nathan Fillion set to portray Guy Gardner in Superman: Legacy, there’s no reason to assume that Stewart and Jordan won’t turn up someplace else before Lanterns is set to air on HBO.

In terms of DC history, Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern from Earth, followed by Hal Jordan. Guy Gardner would be selected as Jordan’s back-up and in later years, John Stewart would become his alternate. Eventually, the Corps would also add Kyle Rayner and more recently, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz and Jo Mullen.

If Guy already exists in the DCU, there’s no reason to think that Alan and Hal aren’t already Green Lanterns, as well.

Circling back to Brown, do you think he would make a convincing John Stewart? It seems like it would mostly come down to age and whether Lanterns will portray Jordan and Stewart as being the same age or if Jordan is the older, more experienced mentor.