SUICIDE SQUAD Director David Ayer Says His Director’s Cut Of 2016 Movie “Will Change The Course Of History”

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has shared his support for James Gunn and his DCU plans, all while hyping up the original cut of Suicide Squad which he insists “will change the course of History.”

2023 will mark the end of the DCEU, but one of its first noteworthy critical flops – 2016’s Suicide Squad – simply will not die. 

Despite not boasting a fanbase quite as passionate as those who demanded Warner Bros. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of Justice League, there are plenty of people who would love to see the studio #ReleaseTheAyerCut.

Worried about the response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s no secret Warner Bros. butchered filmmaker David Ayer’s vision. A series of catchy songs were inserted, the ending was completely changed, and a trailer editing company were among those who changed Suicide Squad‘s look and feel. The filmmaker even had to contend with losing Steppenwolf during pre-production. 

Ayer continues to spread the word about his version of Suicide Squad on social media and has all but confirmed that DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has promised he’ll eventually help him #ReleaseTheAyerCut. 

Now, the director has taken to Twitter/X to once again share his support for Gunn’s DCU and asked fans attacking the Superman: Legacy helmer to calm down. He later followed that up with a post tagged with #ReleaseTheAyerCut suggesting his Suicide Squad movie “will change the course of History.”

At this stage, it’s hard to say how releasing the movie in its original form would benefit anyone. There’s no chance it will be incorporated into the new DCU’s continuity and, while it could be placed under the “Elseworlds” banner, it feels like a lot of money will need to be spent for minimal returns. 

In fairness, the movie did earn $727 million at the worldwide box office, but if The Suicide Squad‘s commercial performance proved anything, it’s that people aren’t overly interested in Task Force X (that admittedly had to contend with a day-and-date release on Max, a movie which killed its chances of box office success).

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