THE ACOLYTE Stills Highlight Key Trailer Moments; Character Names And Descriptions Revealed

Yesterday, Lucasfilm shared the first trailer for The Acolyte and it’s definitely got Star Wars fans talking. Set during the High Republic era, the Disney+ series will explore a period that, thus far, has largely been relegated to comic books and novels. 

Only one character from those – Vernestra Rwoh – will appear in The Acolyte, with the plan being to introduce a new set of leads who will presumably take centre stage throughout a few seasons (eventually leading us into the events of The Phantom Menace and the resurgence of the Sith). 

Thanks to, we now have a gallery of stills from the show offering a closer look at key moments in the trailer. With those come official character names and descriptions for each of The Acolyte‘s leads. 

What do they tell us? There’s nothing too revealing here, but we now have a better idea of who everyone is and what they’ll bring to the table…

Amandla Stenberg plays Mae – an individual that gets swept up into a sinister mystery, one that puts her into the centre of conflict in unexpected ways.

Lee Jung-Jae plays Master Sol – a wise, highly respected, powerful Jedi master, strong in the ways of the force, who is going through an emotional conflict.

Manny Jacinto plays Qimir – a former smuggler who now makes his living as a trader. He procures unusual things and enjoys a life of leisure.

Carrie-Ann Moss plays Master Indara – a Jedi master of great physical and mental skill.

Dean Charles Chapman plays Master Tobin – a depiction for this character was not shared.

Joonas Suotamo plays Master Kelnacca – a Jedi loner that lives a solitary life.

Jodie Turner-Smith plays Mother Aniseya – the leader of a coven of Witches who value their independence along with the preservation of their beliefs and powers.

Charlie Barnett plays Yord Fandar – a Jedi knight and Jedi temple guardian is an overachiever and a rule follower. His need to be by-the-book nature can cloud his judgment.

Dafne Keen plays Jecki Lon – a Jedi Padawan, the apprentice to Master Sol. She is young, but conducts herself with maturity.

Rebecca Henderson plays Vernestra Rwoh – an elder Jedi master who has ascended the ranks of the Jedi from a teenage prodigy to a leader in the Jedi order.

“I’m gonna be straight with you. They do not,” The Acolyte showrunner Leslye Headland recently told Collider when they asked if we’ll see more than just Vernestra from the books. “Part of that is because I wanted to save some people for Season 2. I really focused on Vern. Vern was a character that really jumped out at me immediately as someone that I wanted to see as an arc for where we were with the Jedi when we come into this story.”

“I hope the High Republic fans are excited by the white robes, because we really were intent on using them,” she continued. “Not only because that was a nod to the books, but also because I think it really thematically explains a lot. They’re not getting into a bunch of skirmishes, you know? They’re wearing all white, because not much is happening.”

“You’re gonna see some stuff from the EU, you’re gonna see some aliens from Clone Wars in there, references to the special editions. There’s a lot of fun stuff in there that’s not necessarily connected to The Mandalorian or The Skywalker Saga.”

Check out those new stills from The Acolyte below.