THE BATMAN Star Robert Pattinson Rumored Top Choice To Play Case In NEUROMANCER Adaptation

Last year, a rumor did the rounds that Apple TV+ was developing a streaming adaptation of William Gibson’s seminal sci-fi novel, Neuromancer, and we’re now hearing that the project has taken some major steps forward.

Though the show has yet to be officially announced, insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Graham Roland is on board as writer/showrunner, with JD Dillard (Sweetheart, Devotion) set to direct.

Richtman has also heard that the likes of Oscar Isaac, Chris Evans, Taron Egerton, Miles Teller (whose name has popped up before), Jeremy Allen White, and Nicholas Hoult were being courted for the lead role, and The Batman star Robert Pattinson has the “current offer” to play antihero protagonist Henry Case.

According to the character breakdowns, “Case is a skilled hacker with a troubled past. His expertise in the technological underground makes him the perfect candidate for the mission, but his journey is fraught with danger and uncertainty.”

Case will be joined by Molly: “A female aged 30-45, Molly is a formidable mercenary known for her ruthlessness and combat skills. Operating in the physical realm, she serves as Case’s protector and ally on his mission.”

And Armitage: “A male aged 45-55, Armitage is the enigmatic figure who hires Case for the mission. Former military and mysterious in nature, he brings a sense of gravitas and intrigue to the story.”

We also have a tentative plot synopsis:

“Neuromancer follows Case, a former data-thief who is recruited for a dangerous mission by a mysterious employer. In a world where cyberspace and reality merge, Case must navigate through perilous encounters with the help of Molly, a skilled street-samurai with a penchant for danger. Together, they embark on a journey that will test their limits and challenge the very nature of reality itself.

Neuromancer was Gibson’s first novel, and is widely viewed as one of the most influential sci-fi stories of all time, laying the groundwork for the likes of The Matrix, and various other works in the “Cyberpunk” subgenre. It is the only novel to win the Nebula Award, the Philip K. Dick Award, and the Hugo Award.

The story was adapted by Epic Comics as a 48-page graphic novel by Tom de Haven and Bruce Jensen back in the late ’80s.

We’ll hopefully get some official updates soon, but for now, let us know what you make of this rumor, along with which actors you’d most like to see take on the lead roles, in the comments section.