THE FLASH Star Grant Gustin Would Return As The Scarlet Speedster If James Gunn Asked Him

Grant Gustin hung up his superhero suit last year when the final episode of The Flash aired on The CW, and the actor has now revealed that he would consider returning as the Fastest Man Alive… on one condition.

In a brief video that’s been shared on social media, a fan asks Gustin if he’d play The Flash again if James Gunn asked him to.

“Yes,” replied the actor. “I Trust James Gunn.”

Though we never really bought into this one, a rumor that Gustin was set to appear in The Flash movie did the rounds a while back. The report claimed that the Barry Allen actor was actually being lined up to replace troubled star Ezra Miller as the new big-screen take on the Scarlet Speedster, but if that is the plan, nobody told Gustin.

“No. (Laughs) No, there’s been a lot of rumors out there for a long time. And no one’s come out directly and asked me ever, you know, on the record,” he said during an interview with TV Line early last year. “And the entire time, people ask me on the street all the time, and yeah, I’m not keeping some big elaborate secret, no.”

Of course, Gustin didn’t show up in the movie, but with Miller unlikely to return as the character in the new DCU after the recent movie flopped (not that he’d be back even it didn’t), could the door be open for Gustin to make the jump to the big screen?

As popular as Gustin’s take on the DC Comics hero was, we’d say the chances of Gunn reaching out are very slim. It’ll probably be a while before a new incarnation of The Flash is introduced in the new DCU, but when he is, a new actor will almost certainly be cast.

Would you be interested in seeing Gustin suit-up as The Flash on the big screen? Drop us a comment down below.

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