THE FLASH Star Tom Cavanagh Talks Possible Return As Reverse-Flash In DCU; DC Studios’ James Gunn Responds

Say what you will about the Arrowverse, but Tom Cavanagh’s performance as the Reverse-Flash was hard to find fault with. As the years passed, The Flash diluted the character by having the actor play multiple versions of “Harrison Wells.” However, in that suit, Cavanagh was a suitably formidable villain. 

With DC Studios seemingly moving on from the increasingly unpopular Multiverse concept (especially after The Flash movie), we don’t anticipate seeing any of these Arrowverse characters ever again. 

Recently, James Gunn said he’d be open to working with Barry Allen actor Grant Gustin and, at a recent fan convention, Cavanagh (jokingly?) shared his desire to play Eobard Thawne in the new DCU. 

“Yes, James Gunn, James, where are you? James, I’m right here, pretty solidly built, still athletic,” the actor can be heard saying in the video below. “You know, not the youngest cat, but pretty good, pretty fast on their feet, [I] can move pretty good.”

“I would love to work for you, Gunn. I hear all this stuff on social media about Grant Gustin, c’mon, he’s got a job!”

Gunn later responded on Threads after a fan brought the video to his attention; alas, while he seemed to find amusement in Cavanagh’s remarks, the SUPERMAN helmer didn’t offer any sort of hint that he might take the Reverse-Flash actor up on his offer to return. 


When The Flash ended, Cavanagh shared his hopes for a Reverse-Flash spin-off. “I pitched Greg [Berlanti]…this idea that was like, ‘Look at him as one of those Dragons of Yore that are impenetrable but for one weakness that is a scale and that is the vulnerability. What if Reverse-Flash fell for some paramore on Earth and that created the obstacle for him getting back, because much against his will, he’d fallen in love.'”

“That’s a human story. You can’t really tell that complicated of a Reverse-Flash story on a television show called The Flash, because you have to serve The Flash,” he continued. “As a cast member, I’ve always been more than willing and ready to do that, but now that The Flash is done, there’s always room to explore that story. So, you never know.”

The Flash movie bombed last year and, for now, it doesn’t appear as if DC Studios has any plans to introduce a new version of the Scarlet Speedster (bringing Ezra Miller back is surely also off the table). 

Reverse-Flash deserves to grace the big screen at some point, though, don’t you think?