THE WORLD Anthology Series Which Sees The Clown Prince Of Crime Globetrotting

It seems that the Joker will be packing his bags and taking his criminal act on the road this fall.

The Joker will be taking his own brand of chaos and insanity on a global tour in September, as DC has revealed details on Joker: The World, a 184-page hardcover anthology, will be released on September 17.

Similar to 2021’s critically acclaimed and best-selling Batman: The World, this anthology will be can’t-miss stuff.

The book will include stories about the Joker written by creative teams from 13 different countries. 

Notable storytellers include Geoff Johns, Satoshi Miyagawa, David Rubin, German Peralta, Alvaro Fong Varela, Jason Fabok, and others.

Joker: The World illustrates how DC Comics’ most well-known supervillain has caused mayhem on a worldwide scale with stories catered to the true style, tone, and cultural sensitivities of many countries.

Joker the World

Per DC Comics, the official synopsis for the book reads:

What does The Joker do when on holiday in Spain? How has he inspired others to follow in his footsteps, creating Joker duplicates in Germany and Turkey? How does a Joker in Cameroon find inspiration? Only the top writers and artists from each country can provide the answers, in unique stories celebrating one of the most compelling characters in pop culture.

Joker: The World arrives at participating comic book shops, booksellers, and mass-market retailers/e-tailers Tuesday, September 17, and will also release the same day in the following countries: Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Czech Republic, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Cameroon, Poland, and Argentina.

If you’re looking for more tales of Joker that take place outside of Gotham, look to Matt Rosenberg, Carmine Di GIandomenico  and Francesco Francavilla’s The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing. That limited run will be collected into a tpb and also releases this September. In that book, the Joker realizes that he shouldn’t stop at running Gotham’s criminal underworld and sets his sights on becoming a global menace.

Some DC fans are already lamenting that it’s another Batman character that’s receiving this treatment instead of Superman, Wonder Woman or some other, more obscure DC hero. However, if the Joker book is just as successful as Batman: The World, it’s likely that DC will continue the trend with another character.

What other hero or villain would you want to see receive a similar anthology series? Are you looking forward to this unique tale that takes Joker out of Gotham? Let us know in the comment section below.