VENOMOUS Comic Book Establishes Natasha Romanoff As Marvel’s Latest Symbiote Hero

In the pages of Al Ewing and Torunn Grønbekk’s hit run of Venom last year, we saw Black Widow become host to a symbiote of her own, and the results have been…deadly.

Now, this July, we’ll see Natasha Romanoff fully embrace her new place in the symbiote hivemind in Black Widow: Venomous #1.

The one-shot will be written by rising star Erica Schultz, known for her work on comics like Daredevil: Gang War and Hallows’ Eve, with art from Resurrection of Magneto‘s Luciano Vecchio. 

Together, they’ll unleash Natasha Romanoff’s full potential as a symbiote warrior, just ahead of Venom War, an upcoming symbiote event launching later this year that will see every symbiote star choose a side in an explosive conflict between Venom father and son duo, Eddie and Dylan Brock. 

Here’s the official description for Black Widow: Venomous #1:

The Widow’s Bite is Venomous! Natasha Romanoff, the infamous spy known as the Black Widow, didn’t go looking to bond with an alien symbiote. But a good spy works with all the tools available to her, and when one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in the universe lands in your lap…you take it.

Now, she just needs to figure out how to work with a weapon with its own drives and desires. Redefining Widow’s relationship with her symbiote, and setting the stage for her appearance in Venom War!

“Who doesn’t want to write Natasha Romanoff? And with a badass symbiote, it didn’t take much to convince me,” Schultz said of the upcoming one-shot. “Luciano Vecchio’s art is so amazing. It’s been so fun to delve into Nat’s spy craft techniques, and you just may learn something new about her.”

Giving Black Widow her own symbiote has been an intriguing way to update the character, albeit one which has drawn something of a mixed response from longtime fans of the character. 

However, after decades of Natasha being part of The Avengers, throwing her into the world of Spider-Man and Venom is a fun way to shake up the hero’s dynamic. It sounds like she’s going to be permanently bonded to her symbiote, anyway, and it sounds like this one-shot will set the stage for Black Widow to swing into action with her new alien suit backing her up.

Check out the cover art for Black Widow: Venomous #1 below:


Cover by LEIRIX
On Sale 7/31