WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Director Michael Giacchino Rumored To Be In Talks To Helm MIDNIGHT SONS Movie

We’ve been hearing that Marvel Studios might be planning a Midnight Sons movie for quite a while (shortly after the Moon Knight finale aired), and the project has taken a major step forward if a new rumor is to be believed.

According to Daniel Richtman, Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino is attached/in talks to helm the movie.

Though a Midnight Sons movie has yet to be officially announced, Marvel Studios assembling its roster of supernatural/magical characters for a team-up event would seem like a smart move. Multiple characters have been a part of or associated with the team in the comics over the years, but the MCU’s line-up would most likely include Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Werewolf By Night/The Werewolf, Man-Thing, and Blade.

Speaking of the Daywalker, there’s a rumor doing the rounds online that Mahershala Ali has parted ways with the upcoming Blade reboot due to the old “creative differences.” The move hasn’t exactly had the smoothest of journeys to the screen, so this wouldn’t come as a major surprise, but we wouldn’t put too much stock in this just yet. We’ll be sure to update if and when we learn more.

As for Moon Knight, star Oscar Isaac recently showed interest in reprising his role(s) for a Midnight Sons project.

“I thought there was an interesting opportunity with Midnight Sons. There’s such interesting characters in there, and now that we’ve set the groundwork with learning who Marc, Steven, Jake are, it could be an interesting opportunity to see him as part of a team and what that dynamic would be. So I think that would be exciting, I think for me, I definitely hope there’s some room to explore that possibility.”

We’d say a Midnight Sons movie (or Disney+ series) is definitely going to materialize at some point, but given how the current Marvel Cinematic Universe slate is looking as we head towards the next two Avengers films, it may not enter development for quite a long time.

What do you make of this rumor? Would you like to see Giacchino direct? Which characters do you think should be part of the team? Drop us a comment down below.

“Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, gathers a loose-knit confederation of mystically powered heroes, originally called the Nine and eventually the Midnight Sons, to serve as mankind’s first line of defense against the Mother of Demons, Lilith, and her children, the Lilin.”