WHAT IF…? Asks “What If…Iron Man Crashed Into The Grandmaster?” And Answers A Huge Season 1 Mystery

When What If…? introduced the Guardians of the Multiverse, it’s fair to say we were all surprised to see a Gamora Variant there. Every other character had been given a proper backstory, but Thanos’ daughter proved to be a somewhat perplexing addition to the group. 

We’d later learn that her episode had been cut due to time constraints, but with season 2 now rolling out on Disney+, we finally have the answer to “What If… Iron Man Crashed Into The Grandmaster?”

In this reality, Tony Stark never made it back through the portal he flew threw with that nuclear bomb in The Avengers. The explosion sends him hurtling through space and he winds up Sakaar and in the clutches of The Grandmaster. 

For him, it’s been weeks since the Battle of New York and he knows exactly who Iron Man is; as a result, Tony Stark is forced to watch a brutal race in The Grandmaster’s arena that includes appearances from Valkyrie and Korg. Suiting up, the Avenger tries to step in and save some of the participants but comes under attack from Gamora.

She’s seeking revenge for what happened to her father’s army but they both end up being fitted with obedience disks. Tony uses his smarts so he and Korg can escape and Gamora pursues them. Later, Iron Man enlists Valkyrie to help him take down The Grandmaster and free Sakaar. 

Challenging the villain to a race for the planet, an epic drive to survive ensues which sees Tony don some unique Hulkbuster armour which later transforms into a hot rod! Gamora, meanwhile, is still trying to kill the hero but he manages to make her realise that she can be more than just Thanos’ daughter and she subsequently helps save the day before Tony wins the race. 

Unsurprisingly, The Grandmaster reneges on the deal but is inadvertently melted by Topaz’ Melt Stick courtesy of Valkyrie. She’s named Sakaar’s new King and Iron Man and Gamora form an alliance which later sees them use that to melt the Mad Titan, Thanos!

Oh, and be sure to stick around through the credits to see more of The Grandmaster’s puddle. 

Today, returning cast members include Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Taika Waititi as Korg, Rachel House as Topaz, and Josh Brolin as Thanos. The two leads are recast, with Mick Wingert as Iron Man and Cynthia McWilliams as Gamora. 

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays!