X-MEN ’97 Funko Pops Reveal Surprise Mutants We’ll See In Video Game-Inspired Episode

X-Men ’97 is expected to finally arrive on Disney+ in 2024, a whopping 27 years after X-Men: The Animated Series ended. The show had once been scheduled for a 2023 debut, explaining why merchandise for the revival has been in stores for a while now. 

Thanks to Toonado.com, we have a new look at the next wave of Funko Pops inspired by X-Men ’97‘s video game episode. It’s previously been reported that this instalment will see “Jubilee and her boyfriend, Sunspot, get trapped in a 16-bit video game by Mojo on her birthday.” Supposedly titled “Motendo,” the episode will also “be animated in a 16-bit video game style.”

Both Mojo and Sunspot receive the spotlight below, but there are some big surprises too. 

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Animation Style Revealed Along With Confirmed Premiere Date

First, we have Spiral, a former stuntwoman who was transformed into a six-armed, sorceress by Mojo, gaining mastery over magic and combat. As a mercenary and occasional villain, she possesses advanced martial arts skills, and teleportation abilities, and can manipulate reality through her magic.

Then, there’s Abscissa. That’s a real comic book deep dive as the character was introduced as a future version of Jubilee who agreed to become Mojo’s slave in exchange for him not destroying the universe; eventually, her past self’s actions saved the older hero from this dire fate.

As for Sauron, the villain is also known as Dr. Karl Lykos, a psychiatrist, who gained the ability to absorb life force. He then transformed into a pterodactyl-like creature with superhuman strength and the power to drain life energy and typically calls the Savage Land home. 

While we don’t know the specific role each of these characters will play, X-Men ’97 clearly won’t shy away from exploring the world of the X-Men, something we’re sure will make many of you very happy indeed. 

X-Men: The Animated Series is a beloved animated TV series that aired from 1992 to 1997. It follows Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men as they protect a world that fears and hates mutants. The series was praised for its faithful adaptation of complex storylines, diverse character portrayals, and mature themes that often explored social issues.

Very little has been revealed about X-Men ’97 beyond what we’ve seen in merch like the Pops below. There are rumblings the series will premiere late next month and if that is indeed the case, Marvel Studios and Disney+ could really do with kicking that marketing campaign into full gear. 

Stay tuned for updates on X-Men ’97 as we have them.